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1962 Topps Football Set

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How did this chase start. Well I had be talking with my Dad and he knew I was tossing around the idea of doing the set. I don't know why I wanted to do this set I just liked they way it looked I guess. So one day I am talking to my Dad and he says I found something at a show for you, now he had me wondering what he got me......He's like give me $100 and I'll give it to you, so reluctantly I did not knowing what he had. He pulls out a small binder and when I opened it there were 96 different 1962 Topps cards, with binder for $100 was a STEAL!

This is a great set to go after but along the 2-3 year journey so far I have learned alot. First and foremost is the appreciation I now have for vintage cards. This being my 1st vintage set challenge I don't think that I could have picked a more difficult set to chase. So what have have I learned you ask?

Patience, patience, patience especially if you are looking for certain conditions. In all due time you will find the cards you are searching for.

With this particular set it is tough with the black borders to find the cards in better conditions above EX+

There are a lot of SP's in this set. Some of them were tougher to find than others.

There are a handful of cards $100+, wish I would have found some of them early on.

You need to be careful and make sure that he cards are unaltered. I had found a real NICE Paul Hornung and it was so nice that I sent it in for grading only to find out it was altered. I have found a lot of cards along the way that have been colored in around the borders and even cut. If anything with this set inspect every card you get before you buy it if you can.

Next to #1 the other biggest thing is I didn't realize the cost of vintage and what people will pay for nice specimens. I can't tell you how many times I have been outbid on ebay for something that I thought for sure I would win with what I though was a really high bid ammount.

Where am I at?

I need 2 cards Mike Ditka RC #17 and #48 SP

Thanks for the read,


Got the Mike Ditka in the mail over the end of last week, that just leaves #48 which I should have within 2 weeks

**update 04/23/2009**
Just got # 48 from the bay, should be here by next weeks end. Will show the whole set once it's all together!

**update 04/30/2009**
Receive #48 in the mail today, will have pics up in a few days!!!

***UPDATE 07/16/2010***
SOLD the entire set including the 5 cent wrapper for $900.00 to a member right here on SCF!

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