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Matt Duchene

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For anyone that doesn't know...I just started collecting Matt Duchene. This is a kid that I first began to notice a little after the season started. He is a player that will be a good investment for any team in the long run, plus he is a nice guy. I thought about collecting him in the beginning of the year and regret not doing so. Someone offered me his young gun for $15!!!!!!!! OMG! Thats a steal if you buy it now. So what I have been doing, has been saving up for his young gun, and have been trying to get deals, so I can trade for the young gun. Just thought I'd share that with you guys :)



  1. stop__dreaming's Avatar
    Love Duchene.

    And I agree, such a nice kid! Did you hear him at last years draft rolling off a few players sticks? (Curve etc). Amazing.