Western New York and Southern Ontario Collectors

  1. geschrocks33
    Nice prices
  2. TMacfreak91
    Very nice prices! I'm still fuming that I missed out on a Schremp auto-plate for 30 :(
  3. geschrocks33
    Haha Scott what Miller stuff would ya give me for a Perreault Scripted Swatches /10?
  4. scottkoz20
    say what? scan please
  5. geschrocks33
    I don't have it yet. A user who will not be named clearly thinks I'm not a high end enough trader and won't answer my pm or post in his thread
  6. scottkoz20
    pm coming
  7. geschrocks33
    PM returned already
  8. TMacfreak91
    Hey Rich, I've got some Connolly stuff if you are going to start a mini-PC of him. Lmk if you're interested ;)

  9. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    Steve-O most likely interested...what ya got?
  10. geschrocks33
    Check out my newly acquired patchy goodness in show and tell :)
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