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NHL Team Trader Group

  1. scottkoz20
    Welcome to the NHL Team Trader Group
  2. Rogulon
    Have tons of cards from all teams to trade for Leafs!!!
  3. crackapack
    Need Canucks...
  4. HammerHawks
    Need Blackhawks!!!
  5. stlfan78
    Looking for Blues!
  6. scottkoz20
    I am working on alot of my baseball commons, but I know I can put toghther some Hawks and Blues quickly. Canucks I have to dig as Tannies got them a while back. Leafs, I'm not 100% if I moved a bunch of them.
  7. FlyerGuy22
    Looking for Flyers...
  8. comatoad
    Chicago Blackhawks
  9. gosens151911
    Ottawa Senators
  10. TannieS
    I have new and old of the majority of the teams, except Ottawa and Philadelphia. I can put a lot or two together of Chicago, St. Louis, and possibly Buffalo (if you want another trade Scott) and Toronto.

    I'm looking for Canucks, but if someone wants to help me out with these base cards, I would appreciate it more:

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