2bros - Exclusive 3

Toronto Blue Jays fans

  1. quiet-things
    How could they let Brad Ansberg get away!
  2. oilfan10
    Brad Arnsberg did a terrific job with the young pitchers in our rotation, especially Rzepczynski, and Romero and Richmond(before they got injured). I'm sad to see him go.

    On a happier note, NO MORE RICCIARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Off-season wishlist-
    Jason Bay
    Jason Bay
    Jason Bay
  3. quiet-things
    Yeah seriously, and they better re-sign Halladay!
  4. quiet-things
    Check out that new Hill I got recently - I love it!
  5. quiet-things
    The patch one, not the TTM lol and nice add Chris! It's your turn Jordan!
  6. oilfan10
    Probably my two favorite Jays cards. The Hill is limited to 25 copies with the red ink, and the Halladay is /25. I got the Halladay from a great friend that I met on the baseball forums of SCF. VintageHeros(Rob) is a great guy and is always willing to go above and beyond for others.

  7. oilfan10
    Oh yeah, mwagner24 definitely belongs in this group. How do you send an invite?
  8. quiet-things
    Nice! I rarely see that red ink one.

    I've been dying to get one of those Hills.. those rookie autos... I don't even know what it's called lol
  9. quiet-things
    Oh yeah and I invited mwagner24
  10. mwagner24
    Thanks for the invitation guys I really appreciate it!
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