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Southern California Collectors

  1. SingleDaddyof2
    Southern California collectors--gather here. Share your hobby and experiences--Southern California style!
  2. SingleDaddyof2
    Welcome to the Southern California collectors group! Introduce yourself, share what you collect and where in SoCal you live...

    My name is Andy (long-time Topps baseball card collector) and I live in Pasadena.
  3. Shanahan1414
    Hey Andy, Im Andrew. I live in Garden Grove. It's very close to Disneyland and it borders Anaheim where I used to live. I collect Brendan Shanahan, Corey Perry, Luc Robitaille, Dustin Byfuglien, and 07 SPx which I only need the Malkin to complete.
  4. SingleDaddyof2
    Hi Andrew! Welcome to the group! I used to work at the Pond of Anaheim (now known as the Honda Center)--loved the OC when I used to live there.
  5. whalechaser
    Hi Andy & Andrew,

    My name is Shelton. Currently living in Anaheim Hills area. I only collect basketball cards, mainly Michael Jordan, Bulls, and whatever catches my interest.
  6. srcole3284
    Hi my name is Shane and I'm currently stationed at Camp Pendelton but I'm originally from the Bay Area. I am always looking for MJ, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan and Shaq cards of all types. Anyone got any?
  7. SingleDaddyof2
    Hey guys, welcome to the group! Check out this thread...would be pretty cool if we could meet up there!
  8. srcole3284
    man that would be cool! Thats the day i get out of the Marine Corps! Wouldnt that be a parting gift...
  9. koufax99
    Hi, my name is Dan and I live in Beaumont. I have just recently started collecting again and would like to complete my sets. Does anyone know of informal shows where people get together and trade? Would anyone here like to meet up and start something like that? I envision something similar to what pin traders do
  10. YellowSuge
    Fountain Valley Here
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