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Pennsylvania collectors

  1. theproudestmonkey
    i know theres a ton of PA people on these boards.....anyone actually in the mid state or hit up harrisburg area shows?
  2. jdio13
    Hey guys, if you know more PA collectors, feel free to let me know and I will invite them (or you can invite them if you are able to).

    theproudestmoney-Hey, I am from right around Erie (small town called North East), so I don't go to any Harrisburg shows, but I would like to sometime haha.

  3. jdio13
    So, where is everyone from?
  4. CrawfordFan13
    I live in Luzerne, small town called Shavertown, great group!
  5. jdio13
    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that Mike is running a "biggest group contest" and we are currently winning!!! If we have the biggest group on June 1st, I win 500 CC (because I created the group). Here is the deal though, if this group wins, I will divide the 500 CC up evenly amongst the members in this group so if you know any other PA collectors, LMK and I will invite them. Or you can PM them and have them join. Thanks alot guys!!!

  6. wwf1fan1
    Ok, Jason. I'm in. Invite Dave A. from the racing forum. nyhddb is his ID. He used to work at C&J Sports in the mall. The older Dave who is an electrician. I believe he lives in McKean. He was TOTM a couple months ago, so I'm sure he can pull us in a bunch more. Also, lots of the PA collectors have Steelers in their usernames. I will PM others as I remember.
  7. smejus57
    awesome group. I live in York.
  8. pa43fan
    helloe all, thanks for the invite, neat idea, and pa collectors rule
  9. pa43fan
    hello all, thanks for the invite, neat idea, i hope we win.
  10. jdio13
    Hey nyhddb, thanks for joining. Feel free to LMK if you know any other Pennsylvania collectors. Thanks!!

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