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Graded Collectors

  1. kr0n
    So I need to get some people in here, chop chop!
  2. kr0n
    If you know frequent graded-card collectors feel free to drop the word about this group.
  3. DenJ91
    i think this is a good idea and i've added my graded cards. have more coming by friday, as does skyride
  4. kr0n
    Ooh, Hall Ice 9.5, I kinda hate you a little bit now :P Did you pull it or buy it?
  5. kr0n
    Here's a little "horror story" for whoever may join this group. A life lesson in why you shouldn't try to get Graded Card storage boxes from BGS. The story.
  6. skyride39
    geez louise, all that trouble for boxes. i just put them in soft sleeves and then put them in a regular card shoebox. i'm just glad this was over boxes and not about missing cards.

    yeah this friday i can't wait. but at same time really wish there was a cheaper and easier way for canadians to get their cards bgs graded.
  7. kr0n
    Hey that Kane FW looks familiar :o
  8. skyride39
    I love it! Hey if you ever see a Duchene fw auto bgs 9.5 available, you let me know right away. there was one on auction a month ago and I regret not bidding for it. I don't know what i was thinking!
  9. kr0n
    Im sending in a Duchense FW with my next order, not sure when that's going to be though.
  10. skyride39
    i'm just hoping one shows up on the bay again.
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