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    2008 Playoff Contenders Jonathan Stewart #154 Rookie Ticket AUTO Blue Ink. - I guess as founder of the group it is time for me to get the ball rolling on subjects. My first topic is the card mentioned. Beckett.com states that Panini released print runs on the 2008 set. To my knowlege, Jonathan Stewart was the only rookie to sign in blue and black ink in the 2008 set. Though official announced print runs on blue and black ink have eluded me, I suspect that the blue ink is in much less supply. Info much appreciated if you have it?
  2. MadColtsFan

    2010 Rookie Ticket #176 NaVorro Bowman - Nov 6, 2011

    Alongside Patrick Willis, the young upside career for NaVarro Bowman looks bright in SF. Bowman's Rookie Ticket autograph #176 is a great bargain on EBAY right now with auction prices typically between $5 and $10. Since all the gold tickets that matter have already been pulled, check out box prices on BlowOutCards or other wholesaler web sites if you prefer to get your NaVarro Bowman rookie auto base along with other potential goodies by busting fresh packs (muh huh ha ha ha, yes, fresh packs).
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    2011 Playoff Contenders Cam Newton 1/1
    Since Topps Chrome Cam Newton SuperFractor 1/1 has been pulled it is time to start the speculation. (See Cam Newton on EBAY for $22,000. 1 pending 8 declined offers for info).

    The Cam Newton Championship Ticket or GOLD TICKET 1/1 is on my wishlist, assuming there is a Cam Newton Championship Ticket/Gold Ticket all cut, signed and secretly hidden for the time being.

    In 2010 Panini updated the aging 1/1 lineup by complementing Championship Tickets with Gold Tickets which had real gold in the card (an industry first) at a time when gold reached its highest value in American History.

    Not suprisingly Panini has thus far been vague on the future of gold ticket survival as the flagship 1/1's each season. -REMEMBER, gold tickets were not issued for every rookie base in the set! They were exclusive chase cards.

    Prior to Gold Tickets, all 1/1's were called Championship Tickets. Championship Tickets are a great way to collect true 1/1 rookie autos. All Championship Tickets can be identified by characteristics which began in the mid 2000' and continues to this day. Previous year championships had a card # parallel to the base auto, a silverish stamped 1/1 and a 'powder' blue foil Playoff Contenders trademark logo. In direct competition with Topps every season, Championship Tickets were also coated with a more reflective surface designed (one can assume) to be similar to Topps famous reflective surface technology.

    Gold in the card. More appealing reflective surfaces than the base cards. Nothing is off limits to card manufacturers when it comes to differentiating a true one of one to make it that much more unique. The trend is to further define the beauty of a true 1 of 1 with caring attention to details (or so they want you to think).

    Of course, a pack pull is about the only way I could hope to get the Cam Newton.

    COLLECTING TIP! - All the 2010 gold tickets that matter have been pulled and sold on EBAY. This brings down the value of any remaining boxes you may discover for 2010 national treasures, the product in which they were "the" chase cards.
  4. MadColtsFan

    What is the best card design year for Playoff Contenders Football?
  5. MadColtsFan

    What is your favorite insert series in Playoff Contenders Football and do you have a favorite year for the insert subsets?
  6. MadColtsFan

    2008 Rookie Ticket #151 Joe Flacco
    Joe Flacco - Please read
    Please join my new Playoff Contenders football group. Each week throughout the regular season I will post my card of the week. The forum is open to all fans and I just want to get it kick started. We can decide to close the group after we get some good people in it or you guys can kick me out. Here is this week's card.

    Half way home and it looks like the Ravens are the class of the AFC. Joe Flacco, fresh off his career defining signature moment looks poised to elevate his collectibility. This card is rare. Simply put only 200 were made. I already own it but there are two offered on EBAY right now between $125-130. No dickering about it, if I didn't have it (and my eye on other equally 'lucritive' beauties) you bet that both these baby's would be mine! This is the second in the series SPOTLIGHT PLAYOFF CONTENDERS CARD OF THE WEEK.

    Note that not all cards of the week are high end; for example, last week's recomendation NaVarro Bowman sold for just over $12. I bought it last year for less than $5 but still view it as a card on the move. Join up and share. I may have to give cards away or something to get people to join but for now, I will just give you my best advice (trust me you don't want my worst).

    Updated -
    Wow, it looks like one of them got lowered to $99. Amazing deal won't last long. I don't know that person by the way and I am not about marketing. Flacco has a stigma, as all Raven QB's since Dilfer (who I see way too much on tv) have had. The belief is that the Ravens are the "defense". Let me tell you man, if this guy comes up like he did on Sunday, nobody will beat em. Yes, Flacco's risk even if the Raven's win the Super Bowl is that Flacco would be judged as a quarterback who knows how to manage the game. There was a spark yesterday folks. The spark could ignite into full fledged "exciting" offense. That is the key word on Flacco, right? "Exciting?". He will be needed to win the Super Bowl. He will be required to win the Super Bowl.
  7. MadColtsFan
    2009 RC EXCH

    In 2009 there were three base autos with announced print runs of 99 cards which were issued through "exchange" cards. You get the card, scratch a code and redeem. Simple.

    These cards are virtually unavailable in the market place. Why? Well I have my suspicions which I have yet to get definitive proof.

    Here is what I think. I don't believe the cards were ever manufactured and the company doesn't know what to do. I think that the bulk of the cards have been redeemed (thereby making it difficult to 'transfer ownership' on EBAY), the date of redemption has not expired and all the unscratched redemptions are being held out of the market, until Panini proves that they can deliver the card.

    - Shawn Nelson
    - Ryan Mouton
    - Mike Goodson

    At any rate, I suspect most will appear on EBAY in a rush to make big profits before the redemption deadline. The problem being that the players are marginal, or no longer secured in an NFL job after just 2 seasons.


    Message to SCF Football Card Talk on 11/9/11- This message also posted to Playoff Contenders Group. Please join. These posts in the forum may not concern you and I thank you for time to read. But I am the only member right now in the group, kinda hard to get your observation/question out.
  8. MadColtsFan
    My PC has over 700 different rookie tickets and counting!
  9. MadColtsFan
    2010 Expensive Rookie Auto Variations, A wise move?

    The 2010 Playoff Contenders RC Auto saga is not over. Not for this guy.

    In 2010, Aaron Hernandez signed some cards "chico". In the same year, Tim Tebow signed both rookie variations with "GB" and more rare "Heisman". Gosh what a snob collector I am. I actually collected the "chico" and the "gb" cards at great expense so my 2010 set would be better than sets with "standard" rc autos. How dare thee compare to my set which will be the best ever 2010 set in the world! I even went as far as to sell off my original cards to the set if they had cut auto's or non-mint condition corners as I came accross better 2010 examples. Sometimes cards were both so perfect, I had to choose which autograph was more visually appealing. Again, spending more because I am selling the duplicate off always at a low market price to move it.

    It was a tough year for cards in 2010 and more card options than ever. A lock out season would have blown the market to smithereens I think. Sellers would never have sold at auction. Buyers would be leary. The market is better off and I am happy about that for sellers and buyers. Let's see if they bring the highest number ever of rookie tickets down in 2011 from 174 counting 4 auto variations that I know about.

    I could have just pick my favorite Playoff Contenders RC Auto variation base rookie auto (201A and 201B be darned). But noooooo! I had to take it even further than both variations to the point I even look for the variations in autographs. Have I gone too far?
  10. MadColtsFan
    Welcome lepards40!
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