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Colorado Card Collectors

  1. Elway7
    We're open for business! Hope everyone finds something here useful.
  2. pjnjjsdad
    Hi guys. I'm Mitch from Pueblo
  3. EvilDead58
    Hey everyone! My name is Drew. I love in the Springs and collect soccer and hockey cards. Teams I collect are Rapids, 1FCK, Arsenal, and Buffalo Sabres.
  4. Elway7
    I'm Ron, live up in Wellington. I collect Broncos, and vintage Nugget stuff.
  5. Elway7
    I've got 2 duplicate Decker Autos, a Donruss Classics and a Topps Platinum. I'd really like to get a Topps Chrome Auto if anyone's interested in a trade for one of these. Let me know if we can work something out. Would also trade one for a Demaryius Thomas Crown Royale Auto.
  6. CamaroPat
    Hey guys, my name is Pat, Im from Greeley and I collect current and old school Nuggets, Broncos, Avs, and Rockies as well as top rookies from Football.
  7. Elway7
    Welcome Pat! Any card shops in Greeley? I only know of the one in Loveland on 34 and I'm not real impressed.
  8. White_Dragon
    Nick here from Lakewood. I only collect Broncos cards, even though I have some Nuggets & Avalanche stuff.

    I'm just interested in base, rookies and inserts. While I do have a nice collection of autographs and relics, what I collect concerning those is limited to the Playoff Contenders brand, Pro Bowl jersey cards, 2010 Topps Unrivaled Greats/Rookies/Veterans jersey cards and a few unique ones (like the 2001 Topps Archive Elway reprint relic) I see that I like.
  9. Elway7
    Welcome Nick! Haven't I seen you on the Orangemane?
  10. Elway7
    What do you collect Mitch?
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