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Lone Star State Collectors

  1. RenegadeLonghorn
    Where are all the Texans!?
  2. James
    I'm from San Antonio.
  3. ensbergcollector
    Born here and never left
  4. James
    Lived in San Antonio all of my life. Where is everyone else from?
  5. RenegadeLonghorn
    Born and raised in Texas my entire life. Live in Austin.
  6. rchurchward
    I was born and raised in Ohio but I'll be moving to the DFW area this summer to be with my girlfriend (soon to be fiancee).
  7. Townklurds
    I'm from ATX (Austin). Lived in Texas since 2003.
  8. RenegadeLonghorn
    Townklurds-which part of Austin?
  9. David Thompson
    David Thompson
    You guys are too far out for this show, but at the Arlington Convention Center tomorrow and Sunday there is the annual Autographs Ink show. 100 tables. Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 10-4. Hope to maybe see one of you there?

    I'm in Flower Mound, by the way :).
  10. pack9001
    Born, raised and still live in Houston. Go Stros!
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