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New Jersey Collectors

  1. mattdile3
    Hey guys, let's try and get some more members in here. Anyone know anyone else in NJ?
  2. Tlbaseballcards
    I have a store in NJ
  3. charliecf4life
    Jersey guy here, Clifton but born and raised in beautiful Newark lol
  4. charliecf4life
    Anyone know of a great card store in jersey???
  5. charliecf4life
    I'm a Jets, Yankees, Univ. of Michigan, Rutgers and Braylon fan!
  6. mattdile3
    The one in Red Bank by me, is absolutely awful. I mean the guy named Billy is really nice, but thats about it, and all the prices are really high...

    Jets, Mets and Nets fan here.
  7. Frankie J
    Frankie J
    hey guys Yankees..nets...giants fan..i am new to the site but very interested...PM me with some ideas thanks a lot
  8. rusty1fan2001
    I also from NJ.I am from Montague and its great to have collectors on here from NJ.GO YANKEES,DEVILS<COBOYS & MAVERICKS
  9. Lee8Evans3Collctr
    Hey everyone! I'm from Toms River, NJ (obviously, lol). I collect Lee Evans and 2007 and 2008 Finest Baseball
  10. dem21
    hi all, i live in south jersey, sicklerville area, i collect clemente, jim kelly, autographed memorabilia
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