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Baseball Collectors, Come On In

  1. gladdyontherise
    lets start this out, i collect justin verlander and love the detroit tigers!
  2. biggynate
    I collect The Red Sox and Prospects! I'm also starting to look for Brad Harmon cards as well!
  3. etmill01
    I collect NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates..Thanks Ed
  4. battingseventh
    What can I say New York Baseball is the Best--My collection is Mets and Yankees--would love to help other Team Collectors (will help me to make room) anyway I can
  5. gladdyontherise
    who do you guys think is the best team right now, i'd say the phillies or dbacks, phillies are in first with a struggling ryan howard and rollins on the bench, but utley is on fire. and the dbacks have webb, haren and owings killing everyone
  6. npirates25
    i think arizona will is a betetr team becasue of the reasons u said and i collect the cardinals and albert pujols hes the man
  7. angel0430
    I collect mostly players from Puerto Rico. Also GU/AUTO's/RC.
  8. battingseventh
    Hope everyone in the Group is doing good.--Angel0430--Anyone special from Puerto Rico you looking for ? Bowlerontherise--I have a jersey card from D. Willis (in Marlin uniform) etmill01-anyone special you looking for ?
  9. gladdyontherise
    nah. i only collect verlander!
  10. battingseventh
    Bowlerontherise---Any J. Verlander cards ?? or what is on your wish list ?
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