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Die Hard Met Fans!!!

  1. wfschrec
    Lets get some more people in here!!!
  2. ajm317
    Come on Met Fans!!!
  3. battingseventh
    Keep Your Met Heads High--We Have the best team--we just have to show it----I may no longer live in New York- but like they say "You can take the man out of New York but you can't take---well you know
  4. mattdile3
    Of course I will join... Mets for life
  5. battingseventh
    Hope everyone has been working on their collection--any new cards to report ? I still need to get a G. Forster to finish my "86 Team
  6. battingseventh
    Hope my fellow Met-a-maniacs are doing well
  7. mattdile3
    I just acquired plenty of David Wright and Jose Reyes cards in the past three months..... Maybe even the last two months. I need to scan them, and then I will post a link here to my photobucket
  8. battingseventh
    Wow thats great Mattdile3 I look forward to see them. Hope everyone in the group is doing good!!!
  9. ajm317
    mets better put their act together or willie is gone!
  10. battingseventh
    Willie is gone and they are still making me cry
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