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Dallas Cowboys collectors

  1. dpono22
    I know there are a lot of Cowboys fans on SCF so this might help bring us all together and help each other with player needs!
  2. RenegadeLonghorn
    Well...I guess I will befriend the competition. lol
  3. etmill01
    This definitely looks like a great group to be part of...Thanks Ed
  4. bakemeister52
    Have been a Cowboys fan since day one and love the CowGirls!
  5. RenegadeLonghorn
    I really wish I didn't sell my Romo autos a year ago!
  6. OzCollecta
  7. jedijohnson
    I know there's more Cowboys fans than what's listed so far. Tip of the iceberg.
    Good to be here.
  8. DallasCowboysFanZ
    Hey everyone.... glad to see us Cowboys FanZ have a place to chat. If anybody is interested in some Auto RC's i'm trying to move out the cards. I have so many its not funny.. I'm going to focus on Memorabilia and move away from the cards.
    I'm taking offers on any of the cards in the bucket.. including the PC. Only trading for Memorabilia items if you have them of Cowboys Players... Let me know if you have any interest.
    Also... check out my CowboysFanZ club... its free to join, and we have a lot of fun. link is in the signature.
  9. OzCollecta
    So peeps what ya think of the Rookies.
    Ive been reading Danny Amendola (RFA) has been cutting it up. Also Orlando Scandrick the CB is doing well.
  10. dpono22
    lots of familiar faces in here!!! and I like the 2008 class, Felix will fit in well, Choice will be a nice little grinder back, and the cb and wr issues appear to be addressed well so maybe we can get a playoff win or two or three this year
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