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Maryland Collectors

  1. dallascisco
    I live in Germantown!
  2. GangGreen52
    I'm in Derwood/Rockville. Glad to have another member!
  3. Max
    I'm from Glen Burnie! :)
  4. GangGreen52
    Hey Wasp!

    What store do you go to?
  5. Max
    lol, to be honest, I don't really have a good card shop around me that I know of. :( If you could recommend one, that would be swell! :D

    Btw, my name is Max.
  6. GangGreen52
    One I would recomend is Hall of Fame Cards. They have 2 locations 1 in Gaithersburg and 1 in Cabin John Mall. They keep the packs behind the counter and you have a GREAT shot at pulling something great.

    One I would avoid at all cost would be House of Cards in Silver Spring. The packs are in the middle of the store and are searched. I used to work there and I bought 10/12 packs of Sweet Spot update only to pull a Mikael Folch Quad Jersey and find the 2 autos from the other 2 packs on a Co-Workers desk. I also couldn't get a straight answer out of someone else as to how can the $20 8x10 autos of Stars be ligit when there $20. Also JSA came one day and said an A-Rod ball was not authentic and the owner put it back on the shelf. DO NOT GO THERE.. I got laid off a week before I was going to quit.
  7. Max
    Thanks, dude. I'll make sure to check them out sometime. :D
  8. mintman2
    Found this little tidbit online. I'll probably end up going but haven't confirmed yet.

    Crab Feast Fundraiser At Ripken Stadium In Aberdeen
  9. GangGreen52
    That sounds like fun, but I have a shellfish allergy and can't eat crabs, lobster, etc. Crabs looks SOOOOO good, but I can't have them.
  10. Max
    I tried to go to the HOF Cards in Gaithersburg but it appears that it was been torn down. lol, :(
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