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Autograph Collectors

  1. br.ett
    Invite Everybody You Know!!
  2. KingJAMES0868
    hi question for others............

    where do you get your unsigned 8x10's??
    im trying to find cheap ones to get signed ip or ttm
  3. br.ett
    i get mine on eBay
  4. johan29lhp
    sometime i just ask for an auto, they will supply it.

    however, there are a few places on the internet that if you e-mail them a picture, they will blow it up, high quality of course, and then mail it to you.

    so there is a way to get some 8X10's
  5. 19Yzerman
    Does anyone know how to get Steve Yzerman address to sign a 8x10 card for me if possible
  6. br.ett
    hmm..not sure about yzerman...sorry...anybody else??
  7. br.ett

    We are tied for 10th overall in members standings!!...INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!!!
  8. Tony G.
    Tony G.
    Hey guys, anyone here collect signed magazines?
  9. br.ett
    it depends on who...who do ya got??
  10. br.ett
    We need MORE members!!! INVITE PEOPLE EVERYONE!!!
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