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European Hockey Cards collectors

  1. Pheebs888
    Right guys lets get a bit of action here, what are you all looking for? Any particular players or teams?
  2. Belfan
    I collect Goalies... I need a ton of the European Issues, I only have a few European cards (Czech OFS from 01-02) to trade for them
  3. NT_cards
    HI to all!

    I have tons of european cards - current and ex-NHLers, USA/Canada minor league players, current european goalies, skaters, coaches

    Cards from russian, swedish, finnish,swiss,dutch, german, czech and other countrys leagues!!! Ask if you need anything!!! Myself looking for russian born players from european and minor leagues!!! :)
  4. Memento21

    I'm collecting Penguins, 05/06 Scoring Kings Jersey, 07-08 Treasured Swatches /299, I miss only a few of them.
    And from nowadays Tony Esposito cards.

    It's good to see, there are some European collectors. In Hungary, nobody knows what I'm doing. This is a very unique thing here. There is a store, they sell cards, but the prices are very high :( I know only 3 guys who collects here :)
  5. justis
    I'm Johanna from Finland. I collect Zdeno Chara.
  6. Pheebs888
    Welcome all, lets all try to keep an eye out for each other and give each other heads up if we see something someone needs in other peoples buckets!
  7. Balitis
    I'm Edgars from Latvia my minor wantlist is here
  8. jeterfan94
    hi everybody ! i am a hedberg johan collector ( only with penguins jersey only ) !
  9. malavon
    Hey gals/guys!

    I'm collecting (Sergei) Zubov cards mostly, could use some of the Flyers players too!

    Memento's right: the prizes are high in our little country, plus there ain't no such a thing some would call 'hobby-life' in here! :(

    Anyway, if you have some Zubies, drop me a PM please!
  10. jerseycardlover
    hey guys i only collect uperdeck series 2 cards so if youre interested in making a deal with me ill be delighted!
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