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TTM or email auto collectors

  1. nirysh
    How do you get the autos?
  2. elhombre5
    Mail em in with what you want signed, include an SASE, a stamp for the person to use and a letter. That's what I do.
  3. DunkingDurant35
    My latest basketball TTM is Kevin Martin - got his a couple of weeks ago; scan available in my PhotoBucket TTM section.
  4. battingseventh
    making a mail run today---will keep you posted-----nothing in the mailbox for two days---
  5. battingseventh
    Two in the mail box today--(one happy camper here) both very nice--the hammer'n Hank one is very nice---hope everyone is doing good.
  6. shoemajt
    Hello- great site!
  7. battingseventh
    Mail Box has not seen much action the past few days---oh well . Hope everyone is doing good.
  8. dicekmvp
    I got DJ Augustin c/o bobcats in 52 days
  9. DunkingDurant35
    I think I will go through some of my recent basketball base cards and see if I can try some more players I like for autos!
  10. metsbaseball09
    hey, i am fairly new to ttm collecting. i was wondering if anyone could help me get started with some addresses, preferably retired mets? thanks!
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