2bros - Exclusive 4


  1. jtrinaldi
    who you want your team to take
  2. garnett_21
    hopefully the Wolves get one of the top 2 picks so they can take Rose....Beasley is great and all, but we don't need another PF....we need a PG
  3. jtrinaldi
    we need jordan or danillo randolph is a project to work with.
  4. 12thManzAlive
    I hope the sonics get rose, it's a fat chance, but adding a stud PG to our team would be great. Seeing that ridnour hasn't played well since his injury and watsons ok, but I'd take a rose over him anyday. We will have a high lottery chance, but that doesn't always pan out
  5. jtrinaldi
    yeah Did you all see my moc draft. Nice Pic 12. I think i will do the second round mock later tonite. Any of you have interest in Gadzuric,simmons , or moe williams (my next door neighbor.
  6. jtrinaldi
    Got my avitar
  7. jtrinaldi
    nice avitarchilly
  8. GotBrady12
    can i have an picture of rondo or one of the derrick rose from memphis ! i want to start collecting basketball but would anyone trade bball of theres thats good for football ? lmk ! glad to be here
  9. jtrinaldi
    I got some basketball I dont know how to get pics that is i dont know how to upload them here. ask 12manz. I can get you a avitar if you want u just load it up.
  10. PatsfanVA
    What a great game today! Celtics looked pretty good up in Boston!
    Will be a tough match up against Detroit - at least I get to see Ray vs RIP!

    Go UCONN!
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