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  1. OilersRule
    Wow...has it really been a month since a Gagner update?
    Just added my new addition, and it's a sweet one: :)
    The card is totally gradeable, but it looks so much nicer in a magnetic!

    07-08 The Cup
    Dual Scripted Swatches
    Sam Gagner / Johnathan Toews #/5
  2. quiet-things
    that is a VERY nice card!! Congrats on that amazing pickup!

    Happy New Years, Gagner Gang :)
  3. quiet-things
    My latest adds are in the pictures now.. (although they are about a month old... I finally got around to scanning them)
  4. holt49
    Hi Gagner Gang..Added a few of My top Cards from my Sam Gagner Collection..Enjoy :)
  5. oilfan10
    Sam Gagner re-signs for 2 years $4.55, woohoo!
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