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  1. RyanBostonRedsox
    Looking for all current Montreal Canadiens..
  2. GatesCollector593
    Antonio Gates!!
  3. mrveggieman
    OJ Simpson and Walter Payton
  4. hamhawk982
    i got a 2011 allen and ginter Derek jeter jersey for trade pm looking for any boston cards
  5. Avsbruins65
    Ian Laperriere, Jeff Odgers, Jason Pominville, Avalanche Cards and Ultimate hockey card catalog (one card for every set ever made)
  6. gregb0411
    looking for ladarius webb{balto ravens}
    2009 rookie all the ones I have are
    in sub bucket
  7. jwgreen68
    Howdy y'all. I'm a Pujols Super collector. I have over 12,000 different Pujols cards. It's getting harder and harder to find cards that I don't have(most are 1/1's) but I don't usually turn anything down.
  8. newfie
    I'm always looking for Roberto Luongo cards in hockey that I need, in baseball it is Joey Votto, Larry Walker, Stan Musial all brands, Pirates & Blue Jays Topps cards.
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