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User Name Instant Messaging Avatar EbayCountry FlagBiographyWhat sport do you collect?Years CollectingSports I CollectFavorite Card Card Cash Reverse Sort OrderSavings
CoolHandLuke New Project Manager

CoolHandLuke's Avatar coolhandluke907canada Hockey30 + yearshockey 70's and upPatrick Roy RC OPC 81,386.150.00
Chuck-17 OPG Staff

Chuck-17's Avatar Chuck-17usa Baseball, Football    37,798.800.00
cpalmerfan OPG Manager

cpalmerfan's Avatar AndyDaltonCollectorusa Baseball, Football, Hockey20+Football  25,716.250.00
cardfather3   cardfather3's Avatar cardfather3usa      24,690.000.00

Send a message via AIM to CHillyDoggy Send a message via Yahoo to CHillyDoggy CHillyDoggy's Avatar chillydoggyusa Basketball, Football20+Football & BasketballMichael Jordan 2000 Ovation UNC GU Floor Auto/23 14,091.550.00
cardsfan8   cardsfan8's Avatar  usa Baseball35Baseball  8,636.000.00
chilly55      usa Baseball, Non-Sports Cards36Baseball & Non-Sports1998 Donruss Preview Signatures Greg Maddux 8,048.110.00
Crosby 87   Crosby 87's Avatar  usa Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer    7,293.940.00
Clemson2012's Avatar  usa Baseball Baseball  6,594.000.00
CollecterOfBalls   CollecterOfBalls's Avatar nitesoul1usa      5,700.000.00
couts67      usa Football, Non-Sports Cards25NON-SPORT  5,054.000.00
comfortably9numb Advisor

Send a message via AIM to comfortably9numb comfortably9numb's Avatar  usaBorn and raised in Buffalo, NY. I have a solid LPGA collection, and I'm always looking to add to it!Hockey, Tennis, Non-Sports Cards6-7Hockey, LPGA golf, and TTM autographsPaula Creamer / Terry Sawchuk Dual GU #/19 4,535.200.00
capsfandmd   Send a message via AIM to capsfandmd capsfandmd's Avatar webboutiqcomusaTall and big, played hockey for a long time always watched the caps, been to about 75 gamesBaseball, Football, Hockey8All of themmy signed Brendon Witt card 3,655.000.00
CaliforniaSoxfan   Send a message via AIM to CaliforniaSoxfan Send a message via Yahoo to CaliforniaSoxfan CaliforniaSoxfan's Avatar CaliforniaSoxfanusaHard working military cop currently in Wyoming. Originally from California but still a huge Whitesox fan.Football20 yearsBaseball, Football, Basketball, HockeyUnitas RC Reprint Auto 3,321.000.00
CardBoardJunkie     vetster7usa Baseball, Basketball, FootballJust got back in after a 20yr hiatisFootball, Baseball, BasketballAnything Barry Sanders 3,185.000.00
clutchcrutch   clutchcrutch's Avatar  usamy hot girlfriend lets me collect cards...lolBaseball, Basketball, Football15baseball, football, basketball2009 TTT Barry Sanders 24 pc relic 2,944.000.00
Captngeetch   Send a message via Yahoo to Captngeetch Captngeetch's Avatar Captngeetchusa Hockey30+Hockey05-06 The Cup Henrik Lundqvist RC 2,693.450.00
comatoad Volunteer

Send a message via ICQ to comatoad Send a message via Yahoo to comatoad comatoad's Avatar ComatoadusaI believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of hockey.Baseball, Hockey30Hockey, Baseball  2,601.250.00
Covet's Avatar  usaI was born and here I am.Baseball, Football, Hockey23Football and prewar baseball and horse racing; and now hockey since I just learned the rules!  1,875.150.00
Send a message via Yahoo to CRJSr9 CRJSr9's Avatar  usaMarried -W/2 kids-girl-6/boy-5Baseball, Basketball, Football, MMA, Wrestling, Non-Sports Cards20basketball,football,MMA  1,664.550.00
cccupps420   cccupps420's Avatar cccupps420usaCollect cards with brotherBaseball, Basketball, Football25football, a little baseballJay Cutler Ultra rc auto /25 9.5 1,650.000.00
cantstop17     Cantstop17canada Hockey9 years   1,565.000.00
cwsportscards   Send a message via AIM to cwsportscards cwsportscards's Avatar cdubsportscardsusaFull time sportscards dealer for 14+ years. eBay username is cdubsportscards and I am a Platinum Powerseller (high dollar BB, BKB, FB boxes/cases). I am a master distributor for BCW Supplies (card sleeves, top loaders, screwdowns, semi rigids, etc)) 20baseball, basketball, football, and golf1952 Topps Mickey Mantle RC 1,406.000.00
Chargerfan46   Chargerfan46's Avatar Chargerfanusa Football18Football San Diego Chargers  1,403.000.00
CraigsCards1   Send a message via AIM to CraigsCards1 Send a message via Yahoo to CraigsCards1 CraigsCards1's Avatar CraigsCards1usaHuge Orioles, Capitals and Terrapins fan from Maryland. Now in New York City and just recently getting back into collecting.Baseball, Hockey20Baseball, Hockey1989 Fleer Bill Ripken #616 uncorrected 1,282.000.00
cowboyfaninlr   cowboyfaninlr's Avatar cowboyfaninlrusaDisabled U.S. Army VeteranBaseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey35 1975 Topps George Brett RC 1,206.100.00
cmcdonald1     cmcdonald1canadaLeafs FanHockey15Hockey  1,200.000.00
cademm23     cademm2usa Baseball, MMA MMA and MLB  1,130.000.00

ChalkItUp21's Avatar ChalkItUp21usa FootballSince 84 off and onI have memorabilia from a lot of sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, and Golf.1976 Topps Walter Payton RC #148 1,093.700.00
caseyramone   caseyramone's Avatar websuxgermany Hockey Hockey  1,050.000.00
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