Card Cash Uses & Information

Sports Card Forum Card Cash (CC) is a reward point system for SCF members. Generally, Card Cash has bee used in a 100 Card Card equals $1 ratio value system to purchase items on SCF.

How do members get Card Cash?

  1. Adding Images to the OPG/Inventory - 0.5 Card Cash per image!
  2. Tagging your inventory images with a team - 0.1 Card Cash per image!
  3. Superior Posts – If SCF notice a very good posts or a member assisting another member they may be awarded CC
  4. Guess the Score (GTS) contests – You will notice GTS threads in the Games, Contests and Tounys forum. It costs nothing to play and you can win CC
  5. Birthday Reward – 200 CC for VIP members.
  6. Other Contests – Again look out for CC contests n the Games, Contests and Tounys forum
  7. You can buy CC in the CardCash Exchange forum.
  8. You can sell cards for CC in the Card Cash for Cards forum.
  9. For posting box breaks in official SCF threads.

Where do I spend the Card Cash?

  1. Card Cash Store
  2. Card Cash Auctions (Coming Soon)
  3. You can buy cards for CC in the Card Cash for Cards forum.
  4. Graphics - Buy some banners/avatars
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Integrating Your eBay Account

by Mike Silvia

There are several ways to integrate your account into Sports Card Forum to expose your eBay listings to thousands of sports card collectors. Regardless if you are a major eBay seller, or someone that rarely uses eBay, I recommend that all members take a few minutes to integrate their account into Sports Card Forum. It will help promote your auctions in your posting profile and we will promote your auctions throughout the site. It takes just a few minutes and it will guarantee more traffic to your auctions.

1. The first thing you want to do is update your profile with your eBay ID.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on User CP at the top right of the site.
  3. On the left side under My Settings, click on Edit Profile.
  4. Scroll down to the Additional Information section.
  5. In the eBay field type in your eBay ID and at the bottom click Save Changes.

This will ensure that an eBay logo, eBay ID and link to your eBay page is promoted.

2. Next, set up your eBay Profile Tab. This will pull your favorite keywords and display live auctions in your profile. If you are constantly looking for a favorite player or set, this is a great way to see auctions without visiting eBay. You can also display your auctions only.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on User CP at the top right of the site.
  3. On the left side, scroll down to eBay Tools and click on eBay Search Settings.
  4. Fill out the form. You can list only your items or items from other sellers. Click Save Search Settings.

In my example, I used Ladanian Tomlinson and all sellers as my search keywords. Here is what my eBay tab looks like my profile.

Again, make sure you put your eBay ID in the Sellers area on the form to ensure only your auctions show up.

That’s it! Two minutes of your time ensures your eBay ID shows up in your posting profile every time you show up and your auctions show up when people visit your profile.


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Sports Card Forum Social Groups

SCF now has social groups! This will allow collectors with similar passions get together. You can establish a social group by region, player collectors, team collectors, action movie watchers or whatever you want! For instance, I created a Ladainain Tomlinson Collector group here. You will notice the group has a title and description at the top, a list of the members, an image area and a public message board. As group owner it is YOUR group. You control what goes on from images and messages.

To create a group simply go to your User CP and under Networking click Social Groups.

At the top of the screen it will show you what groups you belong to. Next you will see all the groups that have been created. If you see one you like simply visit the group and at the top right you will see “Join Group.”

To create your own group scoll down to the bottom of the main group page and click “create group.” You can also search groups in this area as well.

Your groups can be tracked in your profile at the bottom right.

I hope this will allow collectors with similar interests to get together! You can also find the groups link in our navigation bar.

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Adding Your eBay ID to your posting profile

Most members have an Ebay account. To ensure your auctions are promoted throughout SCF while you post simply add your Ebay ID to your account.

Go to your User CP and and click on Edit Your Details.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an Ebay field.

Click Save Changes.

You will now see Ebay ID: and your username. Members will be redirected to your Ebay page when clicked.

That’s it!

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Tagging Cards with Teams in Your Inventory

After adding cards to your inventory you can tag teams to each card. A video of this feature can be seen here.

For example, if you upload some Matt Ryan football cards you can tag these cards with the “Atlanta Falcons.” This will allow other SCF members to search the Atlanta Falcons tag and find your cards. SCF also give members 0.1 Card Cash for each card you tag with a team.

See our tutorial on adding cards to your inventory here. After uploading cards, click on the Inventory Managerat the top left of SCF.

From there in the My Inventory tab click on the Set Team on the right column.

This will randomly pick untagged cards from your inventory and allow you to set a team tag to each. Here is an example of my inventory:

At the top you will be able to sort the cards by category and you will see how many cards you have untagged. For my inventory I have 449 cards in it and 7 do not have a team tagged to it. Simply view the card to the left and click on the team associated with that card. Once you set the team to a card (or click skip card) another card will load until you run out of cards to tag.

You have 24 hours to correct any errors with a card you tagged. Just below the team tagging screen you will notice “Review the card you have set in case you made a error.” Click that and you will be able to review/edit any cards you have set for 24 hours after tagging. Finally, review the Team Project Explained and Simple Rules to Follow just bellow the tagging screen for more detailed instructions.

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Adding Entire Sets to Your Inventory

1. At the top left of SCF, click on “Inventory Manager”.

2. This will bring you to a search screen where you can add cards to your inventory. On the right side, clickSearch Card Sets.

You will be taken to a set search screen.

Fill in the Set Name, select the Sport and fill in the Year. Then click Search. For example, I’ll search for 2001 Topps Football.

Then select the set from the list. In my example, I’ll select 2001 Topps:

Next you will see several options at the top of a full checklist.

From the Action drop down list select Set Quantity to 1 Minimum.

You will see this screen for a few seconds.

The new screen will show all of the cards in the set with a quantity of 1. You will also notice at the top that all of the cards are in your inventory and at the bottom a list of all the cards in your inventory to include how many are duplicates.

Thant’s it, enjoy adding full sets to your inventory!

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How to Create Categories in Your Inventory

In version, SCF is glad to annouce that we now have a images bucket style with home page. This will create similar effect then what everyone is used to in PhotoBucket tags but so much easier to create, more so if you have already thousands of images. I delete and re-created my category or if you prefer tag in less then 5 minutes. PC and trader. Because the SCF Free Inventory working with a card database where that card attributes are set already for you, you can create a Auto section of all your autograph trader in less then one minutes since you do not have to tag each image. Also it will list any card that does not have a image. Something PhotoBucket will never do, nor will they allow you to search many hundred of bucket in one text search as comprehensive as our Inventory can be with all filter you can apply to find exactly what you need.

Now to create a new category you on your Inventory home page. you can hit the link from any of you post as you have a link to your public inventory home page. IF you have no category, the home page will list all of your trader. As soon as you add categories, they will list on your main home inventory page. Check my new SCF Inevtnory Bucket flavored.

View my InventoryNew

Now to create a new category, you need to hit you home public page of your own inventoy under theInventoriestab. Then create the query you need by simply making the search needed and set you sorting order and the view type. For instance to create a player tag for Crosby, I did a search on “Crosby”, made sure I am set on the trader tab, set the sorting by user BV descending to have my best Crosby that I currently have to show first. Then I click in the Images tab and click to set the zoom to level 1, that show 4 image per row. Now I have the query, sorting and view type all set, time to hit the

Here on the previous image you see what the new Inventory home page look like. The image that will show is always the first image that come with the associated query you created for the category. So images will change as you trader will go and come in the inventory.

Here I set all User Book Value for all my big cards and PC items. This way I can sort my group by User Book Value descending and it will show the image of my card that book the most.

You can create tag if you can make a query in your Inventory that fits the tag purpose. So rookie, Auto, mem and serial card are all possible. By print run too. Create all the palyer tag you need, PC player tag. The only thing we are missing is the team attribute but we will do our best to get this coded before the end of the month.

To edit or delete any category, hit the My Inventory tab then on the right hit the
Edit your inventory
public category

Now if you have no category the list will be empty but once you have some you can simply edit the order in witch the categroy will list in the front pages and you can edit any title as well. If you need to edit the actual query, delete the bad one and create a new category.

Hope you will enjoy this new feature.

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Building Your Sports Card Inventory

The staff on Sports Card Forum is working hard on developing an inventory, storefront and Online Price Guide (OPG) system that will benefit all collectors, big and small. Building up your SCF inventory is something all members should do!

The benefits of building your inventory on SCF:

  • You’ll have an inventory on-line that you can mark Personal Collection or for trade (eventually you will be able to sell/auction your cards).
  • You can upload images of your cards and earn Card Cash. Read about getting 0.5 card cash per image here.
  • Your inventory will be available to over 800,000 visitors annually for sale or to make trades.
  • You will be able to create categories for your inventory. This will allow you to sort your inventory by autographs, rookies, or whatever category your choose!
  • Once built, members can download their inventory to their own computer for back up.

Here are the basic steps in creating an inventory:

1. At the top left of SCF, click on “Inventory Manager”.

2. This will bring you to a search screen of the private section where any members can add cards. SCF has millions of cards in the database which allows for a consistent title for a card. Simply search for the card you want and add to your inventory. For example:

My “2010″, “Upper Deck”, “Ladainian Tomlinson” search resulted in 11 cards:

From here I have three options:

 = Adding the card to my inventory
 = Adding the card to my want list
 = Reporting an error with the card

Find the card you want to add and click the “Add Card to Your inventory” icon. On the next screen you will be able to define the quantity, mark it PC or want list, identify a book value and/or upload an image.

Once the card is added to your inventory you will be taken to the specific set list for that card. All cards in your inventory will be shaded in blue. There will also be three new options for any cards you added to your inventory.

 = Edit card or upload image
 = Sell your card in the storefront system
 = Delete the card from your inventory

Here is an example of the card added to my inventory:

At anytime you can click on View your Inventory on the right side column to see your public inventory page with all you cards the way all other member can see them. This public inventory section of yours is under theInventories tab. You can also Set Specific teams to each card (for search), download your inventoryView your want list and set categories. Give it a try and provide us some feedback!

Other OPG/Inventory/Storefront and site-wide tutorials here. If you want to add entire sets check out this tutorial.

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