Adding Entire Sets to Your Inventory

1. At the top left of SCF, click on “Inventory Manager”.

2. This will bring you to a search screen where you can add cards to your inventory. On the right side, clickSearch Card Sets.

You will be taken to a set search screen.

Fill in the Set Name, select the Sport and fill in the Year. Then click Search. For example, I’ll search for 2001 Topps Football.

Then select the set from the list. In my example, I’ll select 2001 Topps:

Next you will see several options at the top of a full checklist.

From the Action drop down list select Set Quantity to 1 Minimum.

You will see this screen for a few seconds.

The new screen will show all of the cards in the set with a quantity of 1. You will also notice at the top that all of the cards are in your inventory and at the bottom a list of all the cards in your inventory to include how many are duplicates.

Thant’s it, enjoy adding full sets to your inventory!

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