Building Your Sports Card Inventory

The staff on Sports Card Forum is working hard on developing an inventory, storefront and Online Price Guide (OPG) system that will benefit all collectors, big and small. Building up your SCF inventory is something all members should do!

The benefits of building your inventory on SCF:

  • You’ll have an inventory on-line that you can mark Personal Collection or for trade (eventually you will be able to sell/auction your cards).
  • You can upload images of your cards and earn Card Cash. Read about getting 0.5 card cash per image here.
  • Your inventory will be available to over 800,000 visitors annually for sale or to make trades.
  • You will be able to create categories for your inventory. This will allow you to sort your inventory by autographs, rookies, or whatever category your choose!
  • Once built, members can download their inventory to their own computer for back up.

Here are the basic steps in creating an inventory:

1. At the top left of SCF, click on “Inventory Manager”.

2. This will bring you to a search screen of the private section where any members can add cards. SCF has millions of cards in the database which allows for a consistent title for a card. Simply search for the card you want and add to your inventory. For example:

My “2010″, “Upper Deck”, “Ladainian Tomlinson” search resulted in 11 cards:

From here I have three options:

 = Adding the card to my inventory
 = Adding the card to my want list
 = Reporting an error with the card

Find the card you want to add and click the “Add Card to Your inventory” icon. On the next screen you will be able to define the quantity, mark it PC or want list, identify a book value and/or upload an image.

Once the card is added to your inventory you will be taken to the specific set list for that card. All cards in your inventory will be shaded in blue. There will also be three new options for any cards you added to your inventory.

 = Edit card or upload image
 = Sell your card in the storefront system
 = Delete the card from your inventory

Here is an example of the card added to my inventory:

At anytime you can click on View your Inventory on the right side column to see your public inventory page with all you cards the way all other member can see them. This public inventory section of yours is under theInventories tab. You can also Set Specific teams to each card (for search), download your inventoryView your want list and set categories. Give it a try and provide us some feedback!

Other OPG/Inventory/Storefront and site-wide tutorials here. If you want to add entire sets check out this tutorial.

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