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Thread: Custom maker resource thread

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    why do all the pics comeout with black backgrounds
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  2. Packrip
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    Hi everyone, I've been gone for a long time; my family had some things going on, but now we're in a new house and out of debt :D

    I'll try to make a habit of coming on here frequently. Thanks.

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    i dont think the fisrt link for the cuts works

    but here is a link to a bunch of cuts(football,soccer,baseball...)

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    Can anybody make me a Kenneth Faried Cut out? He plays for Moorhead ST.

    Any help appreciated!! THX!!
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    cool thread.. i do not use photoshop or adobe illustrator..i use inkscape.. can you make customs in a vector program?

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    anyone know how to create a superfractor? There is a thread on it here but just curious if anyone has produced similar cards and how they did it

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    im not understanding if we can take these photos to use? but i took printed out a brandon phillips and the backround is blue and his bat?
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