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    Gabesdad09's 2013 Outdoor Classic Set

    I picked up a set of the 2013 Outdoor Classic cards from Choice Marketing. I am trying to get a complete set signed. I live in the Wilkes-Barre area, and have access to the WBS Penguins practice. I am going to try and complete the Hershey players by mail. Every card went out in the mail on 3/17/13. I received Mike Carman in the mail today, via the Hershey Bears. It's a start!

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    I was able to get most of the Wilkes-Barre half of the set signed tonight at a meet and greet in Wilkes-Barre.......

    Brian Dumoulin
    Bobby Farnham
    Brian Gibbons
    Alex Grant
    Ruley Holzapfel
    Steve MacIntyre
    Jayson Megna
    Joey Mormina
    Adam Payerl
    Dylan Reese
    Philip Samuelsson
    Zach Sill
    Brad Thiessen
    Paul Thompson
    Dominik Uher
    Jeff Zatkoff

    That makes 17 out of 42 players and coaches in the set....

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    Tomas Kundratek received back on April 1, and TJ Syner back today, April 3....That makes 19 out of 42

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    April 6 was like Christmas, as I got eight returns from Hershey, all signed!

    They are...
    Jon DiSalvatore
    Philipp Grubauer
    Jonathon Kalinski
    Boyd Kane
    Garrett Mitchell
    Matt Pope
    Jeff Taffe
    Coach Mark French

    That makes 27 out of 42!

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    Kevin Marshall back today......that makes 28 out of 42....

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    Still waiting for the following to return....

    Barry Almeida
    Julien Brouillette
    Zach Hamill
    Patrick McNeil
    Steve Oleksy
    Ryan Potulny
    Dany Sabourin
    Cameran Schilling
    Ryan Stoa
    Joe Morrow
    Trevor Smith
    John Hynes

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    Received Julien Brouillette, Steve Oleksy, Dany Sabourin, and Trevor Smith.... have 32/42 complete!

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    Nice! Over 75% complete on your set! Do have have them scanned somewhere that we might be able to see them? Best of luck on the last 10!
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    Got John Hynes today at Pens practice....Down to 9....I will try and scan them and put them on photobucket for all to see at some point......

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    OK, scanned the cards, now going to try and put the link on here for the set.......

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