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Thread: New to TTM

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    New to TTM

    Hey guys I am going to start sending 8x10s TTM. I am mostly going to be football hall of famers. How do you find addresses or even know if the player will sign?

    Also does anybody make 8x10s?
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    Quote Originally Posted by indycolts900 View Post
    Hey guys I am going to start sending 8x10s TTM. I am mostly going to be football hall of famers. How do you find addresses or even know if the player will sign?
    Hey, Im in the same boat you are. I know you can find addresses and success rates here of players scf memebers have already attempted to get


    As far as address, I guess it takes some research. For instance, I will be sending 1 8x10 to Ryan Grant of the Packers. I know they are in offseason workouts, so they are at the stadium 5 days a week and I will send it c/o the Packers to Lambeau Field. For my second set, I am sending 2 8x10's to the Jacksonville Suns (Marlins AAA team) to get their 2 tops prospects to sign. I know they are in the beginning of the season so they are in and out of their field, so I will send it there.

    Hope this helps!

    Also, here is a link to the thread I started yesterday about how to send 8x10's. A couple of very helpful members help me out!

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    Welcome to the both of you!

    I started sending TTM about 8 months ago or so. This forum will probably be one of, if not, the most valuable resource! It is the very best online community that I have been apart of.

    Definitely check out the TTMM (Through The Mail Manager) for successes and addresses, but most importantly chip in and help keep it updated. It is that kind of teamwork that makes this site one of the best on the web!

    Good Luck to you both and have fun!
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    Welcome in to the both of you! Fair warning this is an addicting hobby! The TTMM where you can find addresses for the players can be reached through the link in my signature, once there select player list on left tab then football on top tab! You will find a list of all the football players that our members have added an address for to the TTMM right there. Click on a name and you will see the successes and failures members have had for the player by the address they used. I hope that helps. Should you be looking for football images here is the best site that I have found:
    They are not all good enough to make an 8x10, but some are great to use in building custom photos. Please do add your mailings to the TTMM database and best of luck! I hope that you enjoy the whole SCF autograph community as we have some great members here.
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    Thanks so much for your guys help. The database looks awesome.

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    You can always send c/o the HOF and they will forward it to the players address

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    Bednarik is a good starting point. Pretty much guaranteed.

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