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    Topps Reprint Autos

    I just wanted to show some of the reprint autos I have collected:

    And if anyone has any reprint autos I don't have please let me know!


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    Very nice. I have always loved Topps reprint autos.
    Currently Collecting: 2000 Upper Deck Legends football autos (27/67 - 40% complete) and 2010 Limited Material Monikers (18/48 - 38% complete)

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    I have a Gil McDougald Team Topps Ledgends reprint auto from 2001 topps

    PM me an offer if you are intersted
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    very sweet collection
    Collecting everything of: Frank Thomas

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    Nice collection. I used to have a Yaz and a Rizzuto but I sold them :/
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    I need any HOF autos from 2005 Ultimate Signature Supremacy! 9/51 = 17.6%
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    Quote Originally Posted by piggy1918 View Post
    Nice collection. I used to have a Yaz and a Rizzuto but I sold them :/
    Yeah I need to get a Rizzuto auto.

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    sweet reprints!
    I'm SCF's official Glen Davis super-collector!
    I also collect Rob Gronkowski, Jon Lester, Paul Pierce, James Harden, & Jed Lowrie, & Rajon Rondo.

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    Couple recent additions:

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    That Hank Aaron you have is filthy (in a great way)!
    If you do not answer PM's, you will be put on the ignore list. Sick of wasting time. Hidden Content

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