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    Your best auto of JUNE 2016 was......

    New month already? WOW! You know that I have to ask this questions every month as I love to see what you are the most proud of adding to your collections! My favorite was a real slam dunk for any Buckeyes fan.... I had received three signed rookie cards of one of the greatest to ever step on the campus of The Ohio State University! EDDIE GEORGE actually took care of me and that might actually be my best return of the year!

    Please do tell us all what was your one best TTM or IP of June!
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    For me, it was getting my TTM back from Adrian Beltre. One of my favorite players. That and getting my TTM back from Andruw Jones.
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    I had 3 good ones this month, 2/2 of Xavier Rhodes, 1/2 of Eli Manning, but I would have to say my best was 1/2 from Bill Belichick. I think what makes it my best was because he sent it back in a Patriots envelope and sent a typed and signed letter back with it.

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    I had 3, 1 in each major sport that I graph, that warrant posting in here:

    Basketball: The Philly White Whale, The Answer, Allen Iverson- signed at the sixers draft party- did a HOF inscription without being asked. He signed a photo of a game I was at- his kissing the court at his return game after resigning with the sixers after leaving.

    Football: I got a hot tip on a facebook group that JULIO JONES was doing a free underarmor store signing in the Philly burbs in Delaware. It said no outside items but I went for it anyway and sure enough he was doing anything anyone had. Got a sick signature on my mini

    3. Anthony Rizzo, the impossible graph, signed a ROMLB after 5 minutes or so of gentle convincing on the part of the graphers present. Personalized it to me, which is awesome as well.

    I also had a ton of other successes in my thread (such as my epic haul from the phils phestival):!/page144
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    From those I got in June I have two specific successes that I really liked. The two oldest living Masters Champions (both 93 years old!) signed in the same month - Jackie Burke (1956 Champ) and Doug Ford (1957 Champ).

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    Tom Osborne on NU mini helmet.

    Also received Charlie ward on FSU mini.

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    I only attended 3 events in June and my favorite autograph has to be my only addition to my dodger autographed poster with former dodger Jose Cruz Jr.

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    I took most of the month off, but that's okay when you get this done...

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    Steve Matz on a 8x10 and SS in person

    TTM Adrian Beltre

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