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    Autograph survival pool- anyone want in?

    I was thinking of a fun game on here where it's a survival football pool and if/when you get eliminated, you have to agree to send an autograph from your collection to the winner.

    The rules of survival football are you can pick a team once and only once, per season, and if you pick that team and they lose, you are eliminated.

    That way, if we had 10 players, the winner would get 9 autographs. Sounds pretty cool to me. Doesn't have to be great items, or we could try to set up a minimum ebay value of what you send (i.e. a 10 dollar or more auto).

    Let me know if you are interested, I'd feel more comfortable if it was mostly regulars on here.

    I am going to look into getting approval from SCF contest managers.
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    I'd be interested if it was low stakes.
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