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    Players/celebrities that sign but you always strike out.........

    What player or celebrity have you seen success's from on forum's but you never seem to have any luck with them? Don't you hate it when you see someone get a sig that you would absolutely love to have but you always strike out with said person? I have had several of these through the years and slowly but surely I have seen that perseverance does sometimes pay off. For years Eric Dickerson was someone who signed but was very scarce(as far as tracking others success's) I bet I sent to him seven or eight times and at long last got one of my favorite players. I know there are probably several I could list(drawing a blank) but the one who stands out to me that signs on occasion, I have sent to several times but have yet to break through with a success, is Dodgers legend Tom Lasorda. I swear I send 1 or 2 every year. So what you say? What signer drives you nuts by not signing for you?

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    Surprisingly Koji Uehara. There is still time but it seems like everyone got there's back already

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    Mine would be Mark May (Redskin Hogs). In 2012 I sent him an 8x10 of the Hogs on motorcycles that had already been signed by Russ Grimm, Jeff Bostic & Joe Jacoby. After 6 months of not receiving it back, I wrote him a letter nicely asking for it's return. In the 3 years since, I amuse myself every once in a while by sending him a letter asking about my picture. I realize I lost my picture but to date I have sent him 5 letters without ever getting a return. I'm sure by now when he sees my name & return address he quickly drops it in the trash. This guy is a real stinker!

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    LaSorda has proved to be elusive to me too! That's so funny haha

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