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    Addresses not on SCF

    I have found a website called 411.com where there are some addresses not on this website. I have not searched that many players, but I have found John Maine, Magglio Ordonez and Bobby Kielty. Not everybody is on there, but a lot of more common players are probably on there. If they want privacy, I recommend asking them if they dont want any other people sending, and see if they reply back with a note. I have yet to send to any of these people, but I will be sending to Maine soon.

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    Yes, this is like whitepages.com, and other sources that people use to find addresses. Please feel free to add them to the TTMM, especially if you try them and have a success!
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    I would just like to add that since we arent sure whether they want the privacy or not that you should ask if they don't want others to be notified, because they're doing something for us we should at least respect their privacy. I hope everyone gets returns from this but we should respect the players if they want.

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