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    Sending SASE from Canada to US?

    hey, quick question, sending a baseball to a US address with the SASE included, will the player have to fill out a customs form since it will be going international?

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    I'm sorry this isn't going to answer your question, it's just a tale of sending to Canada. I sent one in my first batch ever this past year to the Edmonton Oilers, Jordan Eberle. I live in a very small town and my postmaster didn't know what to do once it left the US, so we just put about $2.00 worth just for an 8x10. I got my SASE back, but with Canadian postage to pay for the entire trip to my home. Thanks Canada.

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    Well this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I sent to Pierre Pilote and Guy LaFleur with international stamps from the post office. I put those on my sase as well. I have gotten both of them back, but they had canadian stamps over the US ones. I bet you could buy Canada to USA stamps off of the canadian post offices web site. Good luck!
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    I think they would have to, but I'm not positive. I know any package I've sent to Canada I've had to fill it out. don't know what would happen with something that could be dropped in a mailbox though.

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