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    Your best auto of Sept 2015 was....

    Already time again for my favorite thread of the month! Please tell us what your best addition to your autograph collection either TTM or IP was this month! My TTM was BOB COUSY 1/2 personalized "To Mike PEACE Bob Cousy" I love when I get a personalization and he is a true legend that I did not have in my collection. I will also have to admit that I purchased my favorite addition to my collection this month. I found an certified autographed Ali and Frazier signed photo that was already on a display plaque and had to drop only $100 to add it to my collection. How could I go wrong? Looking forward to seeig what you all got this month! Hope your mailbox remains full!
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    I only had a couple returns in September, but Cousy easily is the bast:

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    September was a really good TTM month for me, especially since I sent out very few but just about every one of them was a success.

    I have to agree with Brian above and say that my Bob Cousy was #1:

    Next is my 1981 USA Ryder Cup Team photo that I finished getting all the players by finally having Tom Watson sign it. He even sent me a nice card telling me he would be glad to sign it (and he signed that too):

    My 3rd favorite of all the ones in September is my Bobby Bowden. He inscribed it exactly as I asked - way too cool!

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    I have to do a top 3 for September.
    3) Got Peyton Manning back on this 4x6 to complete a Manning Family piece. Yeah, this is number 3. I had a pretty darn good month.
    2) George Mitchell sent me a full printed "Mitchell Report" signed and personalized. All 400+ pages are there. Easily my most "unique" piece and very interesting to me.
    1) I am going to cheat a little on #1. I bought this in August (and posted in the August thread), but it didn't come until early September. My favorite autograph in my collection, hands down, a Bryce Harper 4x6 that was obtained IP before he hit the majors. I picked it up from Cyberer (who has a ridiculous thread, and if you don't already read it you should).
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    Raiders Hall of Faner Violator! I started wanting to be like him in 9th grade! Below is my best attempt at a Violator impersonation. I did make it on the ESPN telecast with this get up in 2001! Needless to say one of my favorite Autos ever!
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    Mike sweeney ttm for me
    Collecting: Yordano Ventura, Salvador Perez, Billy Butler, Mike Moustakas, and especially Eric Hosmer.
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    Here are my September autograph additions-

    Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) - Signed Baseball
    - I bought this. Full page JSA LOA

    Chris Mullin - 8x10 & 11x14 - In Person

    Mark Wahlberg - 8x10
    - TTM

    Ronda Rousey - 8x10 - TTM

    Misty May-Treanor - (2) 8x10s - TTM

    Robert Parrish - (2) 8x10s - TTM

    Betty White - (2) 8x10s - TTM

    Tommy Chong - (2) 8x10s - TTM

    Jennifer Carpenter - 8x10 - Dexter Cast pic previously signed by Michael C. Hall - TTM

    Tom Coughlin & Jerry Reese (NY Giants GM) - 8x10 - Pic previously signed by owner John Marra - TTM

    All pictures are posted in my TTM Success log on this site.

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    stan lee private signing
    dream warriors cast from horrorhound
    wes craven and neve campbell (she signed at the london comic con)

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    TTM - Mariano Duncan Baseball with 1990 WS Champs inscription

    IP - Baseballs signed by Pate Rose & Aroldis Chapman
    Cincinnati Reds Autographed and GU Memorabilia & Anything Dayton Flyers Basketball
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