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    Ummmm, yeah. You will not believe this

    So, been waiting for Vintage Stock to get contenders in and they finally got it out today. So I made the trip up to Liberty to my favorite (ie: luckiest) store.

    Bought the box he put out. Now I know contenders is a big hit or mostly miss product but I always buy 1 box a year.

    Here's the hits

    and in the second to last pack I see the redemption back and I'm like "great, another redemption. which turd is it this time" Well I guess my lucky store came through for me again!

    last year my contenders box from this store yielded me a Todd Gurley auto lol
    Please use a blank to cover any jersey window while shipping.
    I'm sorry my HOF collection is NOT for trade unless it's in my autos bucket.

    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."
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  2. Kronozio
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    That's awesome. Congrats
    Looking for Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos (Von Miller)

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    Killer hit!
    I trade by book value & buy/sell by sell value but always factor in common sense. Collecting David Wright, Derek Jeter, Ben Roethlisberger & Hines Ward. Looking for vintage/autos of Graig Nettles, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert & Rod Woodson. Bucket - Hidden Content

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    Sweet! Glad somebody got something out of Contenders! I can never pull a good hit out of that product and believe me, I have tried and tried.

    Can't wait to see the auto once you get it in!


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    Get ready for another update to this thread! Just got a text pic and Joe is on a roll!!!
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