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    Cancelled our Deal With

    I'm sure you have noticed the lack of specials the past few weeks. After a year together, I decided to cancel our deal with Due to my Air Force commitments and back log of work I've been behind on this announcement.

    There are several reasons for this decision, but I will keep that private. I'm going to talk to several other wholesalers and look at offering a similar deal. I'm going to look at getting more than one wholesaler, but that may not be possible due to the nature of the program. Wholesalers generally want exclusiveness.

    Stay tuned!

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    Just a question,what will be used to fill the void for vip members in the meantime.
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    The VIP membership will add and remove things over time. If you look at the VIP membership program since it started there are significant improvements to include CC pack sales, discount of CC store items, exclusive contests, etc.

    The goal will be to add another wholesaler soon and possibly some other businesses to the discount program.

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    Thanks for the reply Mike,I was just asking a question some of our members might want to know.I'm already against the ropes anyway so I figured I'd be the human guinea pig.If you have time please pm me,thanks Steve
    All my teams stink.

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    These guys are pretty active at shows and seem to have good prices/selection. You may already know them but I thought I'd mention it.

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    I have dealt with Pittsburgh Sports Wholesale before. They were the very first company I bought from on the internet. Was pleased on there service and prices.

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    what about just seeing if Tony can set up some sort of SCF deal- that way we keep it all in house
    taking a break from trading

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    If we could find 1 US and one Canadian wholesaler that would be cool (we get hit with such a big duty hit when we order from the States that it makes it not worth while)

    Just a thought
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    Quote Originally Posted by palantri View Post
    what about just seeing if Tony can set up some sort of SCF deal- that way we keep it all in house
    I would second that, I also like Atlanta Sports cards dealt with them.
    But Tony and Cardsbythebox is def. #1 in my book.

    Tony already does a ton here at SCF maybe it could be a win win for everyone. Just my 2 cents.

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    I second Pittsburgh Sports Wholesale as a good wholesaler. Along with them and Blowout, these are the other companies that I consistently see the best prices from in my dealer network:

    Chicago Wholesalers
    Collector's Den
    Big T
    Atlanta Sportscards
    Matt's BB Cards & Supplies

    These guys are consistently at or below Blowouts dealer pricing. If you need contact info on any of them, shoot me a pm. Thanks. -Ken
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