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    Mystery Set, Petty and Earnhardt

    Hello guys. I stopped collecting NASCAR memorabilia in 1993 and had everything boxed up until recently. Going through my collection, I came across a sealed set of approximately 15 cards with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt on the cover. There's no manufacturer, no year listed. Judging by both drivers fire suits, this set is from 1988-1992. The only clue is written on the cover, "The King and his predecessor, limited 5000 sets". Google was useless and this set is not on eBay. Anyone have any idea what this set is?

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    this one stumps me-perhaps I could ask Les or Michael they might know
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Stumps me too. I would go around to card dealers back then and just pick up random sets. I know for a fact this set is before 1993, but no one seems to know what it is.

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