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    Kyle Busch out at Daytona

    Nicely done by Daytona and NA$CAR on this one, typical reactive instead of proactive initiative. They will now install safer barriers everywhere, again it took an injury for this to happen. Looks like Kyle won't be back for at least a month, I could be wrong but a broken leg doesn't heel in a few short weeks.
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    He'll probably be out longer than a month. Sounds like a badly broken leg and foot. That was a gnarly hit. Glad he was OK, except for broken bones.

    Crazy that there will be no Busch bros in the 500.
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    Several months, he won't be behind the wheel for a long time.

    Nascar definitely screwed the pooch on this one, there should have been Safer Barriers there for years. Any and every wall surrounding the track should have a Safer Barrier as you never know where a car is going to hit.

    Also not to be that person but Kyle wouldn't even be in this situation had he not been in the race. I've said for years Cup drivers have no place dropping down series to race and now Kyle Busch is out months because of a crash in a race that he had no business being in. Now his Cup hopes for this season are shot because of a race where he doesn't even compete for points.

    If I'm Nascar I use this as an example for two things, the first obviously being Safer Barriers EVERYWHERE and the second is Nascar should use this as an example to prevent drivers from dropping down series. The last thing Nascar needs is their star drivers being hurt in less desirable series, its bad for the sport. One of the most popular young drivers will now be away from the track for months which will turn his fans off from watching upcoming races (those that only care for their driver the races are now pointless to them) and his Merchandise sales are going to take a massive hit at the track as well which results in Nascar loosing money. Nascar looses views (not many but a few will skip races) and looses money in sales and for what, a race that a driver had no business being in?

    May not be a popular opinion but thats how I feel right now, I feel like the sport has lost one of the better top tier drivers for no real reason. Imagine if the MLB lost Arod or Cabrera for half a season because they went and played in the minors between games, thats what happened yesterday in Nascar. A star went down playing/driving in a series he had no place being in.
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    really unfortunate-he hit that wall a ton-hate seeing anyone get hurt in racecars these days-hope he gets back soon I need someone to cheer against!
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