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    Is it possible to tag cards with attributes? (e.g. parallel or insert)

    I was trying to figure out if I could create a category with the term "parallel" or "insert", but quickly realized there was no way to tag a card with those attributes. Any suggestions?

    I really like to keep my cards organized as follows:

    - MEM + AU
    - AU
    - MEM
    - INSERT
    - RC
    - BASE

    As you can see, mem, au, and RC are covered, but base, parallel, and insert don't have attributes available... at least that I could locate.
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    moved to inventory manager feedback

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    Should I take that to mean there isn't a way, currently?
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    any update on this?
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    You can currently not tag cards as base, insert, or parallel, but you can report cards that are RC, memorabilia, or auto, but are not listed as such. You can not add the tags yourself, only report them for a member of the OPG staff to do so. Then, in your inventory, you can filter cards by RC, MEM, AUTO, and any combination of them. The remaining category you can filter by is serial-numbered.
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    Tagging cards as an insert, parallel, parallel insert, base, etc. has been in the works for a while. It just hasn't been implemented yet. We currently don't have a time frame for when it will go live but just know it's on our radar!
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