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    Additional Attributes

    Hey Luke,

    I know I had asked this question a while back so I am wondering if there might be any update to additional attributes being added to the search fields in the Inventory section. It would be cool to add "Base" and "Insert" to the attributes list when filtering.

    Just a thought.


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    Those attributes does exist but most set are not yet set and until are set are done, it will not be added as a query item. It take time and some sport may not even started to set them. So it may take a while before we can add it. Also I don't expect I will be doing some coding this summer as I do have a lot in real life on my plate. But the project is on the way. I know hockey as almost none set and other sport have done it all. So, one day I will add it but only when all back years are done or else it will mislead those using it.
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