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    Printing checklists

    Is it possible to print set checklists or save them as some kind of spreadsheet file for future collecting reference?

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    Yes, when searching cards click on the set name you need and then, once on the set page, check on top right and you will see a link called Checklist. Then simply copy and paste in a spreadsheet file and delete column not needed. See a sample page: .
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    Thanks. I found the checklist link. Yet when I copy and paste the data into Quattro Pro, the entire line entry is placed into one column, rather than several columns in the example. What am I doing wrong?

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    I've found that various spreadsheet programs behave differently when pasting a table. Excel has the same issue a lot of times, where it pastes the entire table into a single cell. OpenOffice Calc pastes tables perfectly into a spreadsheet with each cell going into the appropriate cell.

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