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    Inventory tricks that are not visible but can be very usefull

    Some thing are coded but do not always have something to interact with it and you need to know about it to use it.

    1- Getting a list of cards in double

    Getting a list of double from you PC to post a trade list: This one is easy and is done only in the public inventory section. in the regular search if you add "greater then one" in the search, it will list cards with quantity > 1. So if you hit PC and add this then you get all double of your PC and can post a link.

    2 - List a team in My Inventory:

    While you can select a team in the public inventory section, there is no selection tool coded into My Inventory. But it is implement if the parameter is in the address. There is actually two way to get a team unique ID number. If you collect a team, I suggest you go into the Team Rolodex and then hit the

    Search a team to add in your Personal Collection (PC)

    Now if you click on the team name, this will add the team in you Fast PC section with a link to all the team's cards and a link to the stats page like this:

    The red X is only to remove the team from the PC fast link section but will also remove it from the team rolodex as well. So then other, if they consult the team rolodex will know you collect that one team. The first link goes like this:


    Mainly this is what tell the query to add only cards from team 26 that is Montreal Canadian. Once you know the team ID, this is when you can do advance query and then add manually at the end the team param. Mainly each time you will do a search the team will not follow. But you can do a search and then add the team param at the end of the address. Like I want all Hockey 2013-14 Prizm:

    Now if I want all Canadian I add at the end of the address /tm/26

    Now I have all the Habs.

    3 - List of all you traders with image only

    This will list all trader that you have uploaded a image only. Like me, I only upload image of all insert, mem, auto, RC and serial and some mid to high base cards. So I don't get all the base cards. The cool part is that it list all on one page. In my case I have around 5600 cards with image in my trader section and when I post it on the forum thread, I usually need to create 2 other post just after the initial post (I create them with just one work to make sure they follow and then add the list after by editing them) as one post will not accept it all.

    4 - Full wantlist on one page and public

    Mainly you will need your forum userid. Hit on the top righ of the forum pages the : My Profile link and grab the userid ID that is just before your username. Then add the userid to this link and it will show all your want list and this is a public link so non members can also see it.
    So just change 26925 by your useid and this is all your want list link.
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    I collect all Montreal Canadien. Hidden Content for player, teams you collect

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    4 - Full wantlist on one page and public
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    I collect all Montreal Canadien. Hidden Content for player, teams you collect

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