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    Okay Seriously, What's in your wallet.

    I know we've all seen the commercials, alright guys and gals what's in your wallet on any given day. Here is what is in mine.

    Cash- anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars, figuring even if I get robbed 40 dollars isn't too bad.

    Spare key for my car- don't want to pay a locksmith to get me back into my car.

    cpr card-don't want to get sued for administering cpr without registration.

    1 debit card- you never know when you might need emergency cash.

    Health insurance cards- you never know when you might get injured and need this.

    Those are mine, let's hear yours this should be fun.
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    I have my CDL Drivers license
    DOT medical card
    Red Cross CPR card
    PEC card its a safety card for oil and gas wells
    debit card
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    Too many credit cards......
    Debit card
    Health Insurance Card
    Red Robin Customer card, two burgers punched out
    Metro tickets
    0 Cash, never have any in my wallet
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    To answer that "?", the answer is very simple, "it's none of your/their business".

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    I only have a cc, my handgun permit, and somewhere between 3-6 bucks
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    What's in my wallet?

    Not enough!
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    yep that's right.
    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    What's in my wallet?

    Not enough!
    heres my bucket

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    Usually very little cash
    Gym card
    Student ID
    Care card
    Trappers license
    Drivers license
    Free Miner certification

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