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    Recruitment for the writing team!

    Hi guys!

    It's time to recruit new members for the writing team.

    To begin with, you can try your hand at guest articles and if you write good articles, we may take you on board!

    Check out the articles site here to see what we are looking for:

    Here are a few pointers:
    -1000 words or more
    -Sports cards related as this is about the hobby
    - Good grammar and writing skills, make sure you proof read before submitting your article

    Being on the writing team is not all work though, once you have written your 5 qualifying articles, you get paid 250 CC per article. You can submit articles here in the articles submission forum:

    And check out the current writing contest, $100 towards a box of cards is up for grabs!

    If you are interested, please drop me a PM!
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    i'd be interested, pm coming
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    I would do that for sure! PM sent
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