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    Mail man dropped this off today

    #010. Looks even better up close.

    Think ACTION did a nice job with this car, Damage looks resonable for the raced win car. I say this becouse sometimes you see raced win version cars with way to much dirt & junk on them. They did a nice job on this one though

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    Dang man. if it didnt have that box behind i I'd almost think it was real haha
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    That's a nice one Rick! I wonder why they made that one instead of the Talladega win?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdclapps View Post
    That's a nice one Rick! I wonder why they made that one instead of the Talladega win?
    shell man.. Way i heard was Shell said NO to the dega car because who knows, said NO to the michigan car because who knows & said NO to the regular version of this car but said YES to elite versions with a quantity of 300. Thats the story i heard. Action originally wanted to do both Elite & regular version. Dega might have something to do with Harvicks Victory lane speach but who knows

    Glad Shell is gone, Budweiser will be a little easier to work work with for getting diecast made..

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    sick car!!
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    Thats awesome!!
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