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    Mike Wallace

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    Can you update me and add me for Bradford, Dez Bryant, Dan Marino, Dustin Keller, and Jets
    Hidden Content Getting out of the hobby, to an extent. Looking to sell a lot of my stuff. Have tons of different items, check out my PB. I ship Priority, bubble mailer with DC. I DON'T do PayPal gift!
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    all players listed below

    Lem Barney, DB (1992)
    Lou Creekmur, G/T (1996)
    Jack Christiansen, DB (1970)
    Dutch Clark, QB (1963)
    Bill Dudley, HB (1966)
    Frank Gatski, C (1985)
    John Henry Johnson, FB (1987)
    Dick "Night Train" Lane, DB (1974)
    Yale Lary, DB, P (1979)
    Bobby Layne, QB (1967)
    Charlie Sanders, TE (2007)
    Joe Schmidt, LB (1973)
    Doak Walker, HB (1986)
    Alex Wojciechowicz, C, LB (1968)
    Dick LeBeau, DB (2010)
    Alex Karras
    Derrick Williams
    Collecting Detroit Sports also Ryan Kesler,Anthony Rizzo,Bobby Labonte, Torry Holt 1/25

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    add me to:

    Maurice Jones-Drew
    T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    Oregon State Beavers

    I collect Dan Haren, Maurice Jones-Drew, Bobby Shantz, & Oregon State Beavers!

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    Roger Staubach + other SB Winning QBs
    Please post any interest in the thread. PMs will be directed back to the thread.
    Sorry, only trade within the U.S
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    Thank you

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    Randy Moss and Minnesota Vikings
    I collect: Marbury, Jordan, Kobe, D-Will, AI, Durantula
    Chicago Cubs, Giancarlo Stanton, Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings
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    Calvin Johnson and Johnny Knox, thanks!
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    Collect Calvin Johnson and a little Johnny Knox
    Working on the 2009 Exquisite rare materials /35 patch set. Please pm me if you have any you are looking to sell

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    Can you put me down for Aaron Hernandez, thx
    Currently looking for Lebron Autos, Pujols Autos, Topps Chrome FB Camo auto's, Jean Segura and Exquisite RC/Patch/Autos.Hidden Content

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