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    Why cant I find a single person to.....

    trade with unless they are getting a way better deal then me come on guys let help each other out....I"m ready to make some good deals for everyone all you half to do is be open minded and wanna trade. So come on I knoq I "am new but pm bigerp and he will tell you How nice and good qaultiy my stuff is ask him anything and I"am sure he will tell ya!!!!! Looking for cards for my sons P.C and they are

    Blake Bortles Autos (any)
    Teddy Bridgewater Autos (any)
    Derek Carr Autos (any)
    Russell Wilson Autos (any as well)
    Also if you have any 2014 Panini Black Gold Autos or relics I will do some trading...... Thank you..... And Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!! Rob
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    Would love to trade with you and take the Gronk off your hands... just have none of your wants. Good Luck!
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!
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    Thank you and yes that gronk is amazing any it is going bye bye and hate it and hope the cards Im getting in return fill that
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    Hey Rob, I have a few of your wants. lmk if we can work something out. I liked these. Thanks!
    Momentum Kyrie Irving auto
    Museum Gronk auto
    Museum Lacy auto
    Strata Adams auto
    finest Mike Evans auto
    Looking to trade for or buy these low end letterman cards. This is a project, not looking to trade for great players, and not trading my good players away. Thank you! 2-D, 1-N
    Please, just return a reply or pm, even if just to say no thanks.
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    Yes he is legit I got his stuff and he sent priority really nice stuff! No problem sending first or anything

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    I have a Bortles auto

    and like the Tannehill Weeden Booklet auto, if you check Ebay that Bortles sells for more then that booklet I mention this since you claim people just want to take advantage of you. If interested pm me
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    I PC three players - Aaron Murray (2014 RC year), Ryan Nassib (2013 RC year), and Brock Osweiler (2012 RC year). If you have autos for sale or trade feel free to send me a message, it is always welcome. Thanks!

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    Thanks for vouching for me BIGERPP
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    Didn't say people take advantges of me i said people want you to give them alot for nothing
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    Bigerp being trying to reach out to you many time please respond anyway you can please!!!!!!
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