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    0.5 Card Cash for Uploading Images to the OPG/Inventory Sytem

    I just want to make sure all members understand that we are paying out 0.5 Card Cash per image that is uploaded to the OPG system. Basically, if an image you upload to your inventory is NOT in the OPG, that image will become the default OPG image if validated by the staff. We are also paying for members to set the teams in each of their cards. Details here.

    We have or will be paying out 17445 Cash so far to 122 users! One of our members uploaded over 8,000 images to earn over 4,000 Card Cash.

    I'm looking at stocking the Card Cash store will a lot of new items and increasing the Card Cash pack sales. We'll also look at paying out this Card Cash on a weekly basis vice once a month. We'll also continue to have contest were members will win nice prizes.

    Our OPG/Storefront system will only be successful if as a community populate the system!

    Feel free to post you comments or questions here!

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    For a image to be validated by the staff the image need to be

    1. Image need to be straight. not sideways or tilting to much on the side
    2. need to be cut, not the whole scan of the image
    3. the card need to fill most of the image
    4. Scanner is better but a camera can work if you don't take the picture sideways and we don't see what is behind
    5. mainly we want to see the whole card and not other things.
    6. image with a prize sticker on the top loader would be rejected
    7. it fine if the card is in a sleeve and top loader but no teambag as they often make the image fuzzy.

    Hard to have a real guide but check the current image we have the card usualy fill 95% of the image.

    Member can upload the image the way they want, we only will not pay the CC if we reject the image and not store it in the OPG database, we will wait for a better one. If we see the card well, the orientation is right then no reason it would be refuse. This is a guide and most card are accepted. Often it's member not aware we pay CC or simply don't card and it's fine, they are your image for your inventory. Our project is the only way we can fill a record of all cards produce. In time we can just build a nice image library.
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    Is there a way you could tell me if I am doing it correctly? I don't want to upload hundreds of cards and then they are something you can't use. It would save me a lot of time. Thanks
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    Peter - Looks good to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by tutall View Post
    Peter - Looks good to me
    Okay thanks
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    how much is it to view the opg thanks
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    how much is it to view the opg thanks
    Currently it is free for certain ranks on SCF. It will remain FREE once we BETA test this. Eventually, there will be a small fee to access this program.

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    Am I doing it right as well? I posted some a few weeks back but never got any CC (maybe not enough uploaded) I just want to be sure I am doing it right as well.

    I just did a bunch for the 10/11 Score rookies
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