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    Quote Originally Posted by RJK214 View Post
    There are "free" price guides out there... You could just create a tool to scan through those pages and find the price and then upload them to your server database?!
    Not sure what price guide you are talking about but by experience most member use either becket (paid guide) or ebay. Any other source would not be something I think the member would buy as a valid source as I don't even know about them and pretty active in the card hobby community. also while it seem simple, the issue is that code can only match exact string as anything else would mean we good grab a wrong price. By experience most site do not list the checklist the same. I know since I was really chalenge by this aspect and we simply decided we will not get down this road. It's one thing to grab data on a site and store it in a database. It's a other to match it to your database data. While it seem feasable I know for a fact that to succeed member have to adhere to it and it's easy to loose confidence if the data are not accurate. Also how would I know if these price are accurate. Many have tried and they all close. Like when Tuff stuff closed, they gave us their database but it was a pain just to match their data with our. I did import like 70% of their data and we still have it. But these price are already out of date. To maintain this you need a little army and employe. SOmething we do not have here. We do miracle with zero employe. Already just the fact we can keep up with the checklist is already complex and a lot of work. There is so much we can do and if you do not have the human ressources to support a project, it not worth doing it. Collector want top notch or nothing. I know I deal with them on daily basis. If you look at all that exist, I don't think you will find many system like our. It's always easy to suggest and our member are good at that. But the reality is things do not get done as easy as suggestion can come up. While we have the online price guide coded, unless we can have a team that work on it, it will never see the day. I also inquire on ebay's data and this is out of our ability to buy it. So we decided to put the price guide on the side and let member enter the value they want. We are not a company like beckett that are in this business with employe, we are a free community site and we can't do everything. So we have to make choice.

    If you have a beckett subcription you can import the price per set. There is a link on the top of the set page to do so with instruction. But these data remain for the member use and not somethign we can use due to beckett term of sevice. But member can use the feature fro their cards.
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    I am confused with the uploading of images.. I scan the image from my scanner to my hard drive, edit it with paint just to crop the image. Then upload the image... Once the image is uploaded it shows it is relatively small compared to the popup screen and then it is showing the picture is backwards?!

    Help please as I did not find any actual tutorial on uploading cards! Thanks

    ** Got it all set and working now **
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    Can somebody please tell me if I'm uploading them right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akamenz View Post
    Can somebody please tell me if I'm uploading them right?
    Just validated 20 of them and they were all fine. But you will get the CC only the next time we pay it. Mainly in the CC transaction page you will have a entry, under OPG image transaction type when we do. You can filter then using the top combobox to see what we paid and when on your page:

    Note the actionid= opgimage and currently you have nothing paid but I can tell you you have ten CC currently in bank as we store them in a database until we pay them.
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    Thats fine with me!

    Thank you for checking!

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    after i upload and image how long does it take to get credited for the card cash?

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    it depends a week or two, when the owner of SCF pay them.
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    I uploaded a picture of the Jackrabbit cabinet card from 2012 Topps A & G. Did I do it right?
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    We do not answer per image if they were validated or not. If you get a payment eventually this will be for the one validated. All I can say is it was either accepted or refused since it not in the to validate list but no way to tell per card if their were accepted.
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    I just uploaded about 10 images how long does it take for the CC to hit my account and to have my images verfied
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