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    Quote Originally Posted by magicpapa View Post
    that one package ever arrive??
    sup man...its been forever ....i imagine that griffey collection has grown big time
    Eric Staal PC= 1942 different and counting
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    Quote Originally Posted by magicpapa View Post
    that one package ever arrive??
    The Albert Belle Glowing version?No,never got it.
    I collect Albert Belle hard to find inserts
    Bench-Roger G.
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    I have this Albert Belle card:

    1997 Pinnacle Certified “Certified Gold Team” #15 A. Belle (343/475)

    PM me if you're interested in it. Thanks, Fuji.
    Collecting GU, Autos, & certain Parallels/Inserts/RCS:
    Kurt Suzuki/Tony Gwynn/Greg Maddux/Kobe Bryant/Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre/Steve Largent/Devin Setoguchi/Ryan Miller
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    I have:
    1992 Ultra #47 Albert Belle
    1993 Donruss #435 Albert Belle
    1993 Fleer 590 Albert Belle
    1993 Fleer 712 Albert Belle
    1993 Pinnacle #93 Albert Belle
    1994 Collector's Choice #314 Albert Belle
    1994 Collector's Choice #610 Albert Belle

    PM Me

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    I have several Albert Belle cards for sale. PM me if interested.

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    Have several for trade from 89 forward. Mostly low end base

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    I have these:

    89 Star Company #199(Minor League Card)
    89 Score #106T
    90 Leaf #180
    90 Donruss #390
    90 Topps #283
    90 Topps Rookies #2 of 33
    90 Upper Deck #446 (2)
    90 Bowman #333
    91 Stadium Club #465
    93 Leaf #18
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    Looking for Reds, Buckeyes, and MMA

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    I have several Bell graded rookies if anyone is interested...

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    Anyone still have Belle wantlists? Please PM me.
    Baseball: Anything to do with the Negro Leagues (cards, memorabilia, etc), Clementes, or Yankees (for a friend)
    Football: Payton, E. Smith, Sayers, J. Brown
    Basketball: Dominique
    Others: Vintage is always welcome, anything tradeable.
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    Hi All,

    I have many Albert Belle cards available if anyone is interested. PM me and I will assemble a list for you, I'd be looking to trade.
    Looking to finish out the 2015 Topps Update set!!!!!!!

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