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    Jersey Framing Thoughts

    I have a couple of signed jersey numbers that I am going to have put on MLB jerseys and then have framed. A few questions:

    1. What size jersey looks the best framed?
    2. Any suggestions on a framer? These players are not to a level of a Mantle or an Aaron, so I don't need the absolute "best" but I want them to look nice. I could do it myself, but all the examples of "do it yourself" I have found online just don't look very good. Has anyone had experience with framing jerseys at Michaels or Joann Fabrics? If those have not produced good results for any of you, I'll have it done through a local memorabilia shop, but I'm told their framing services start at $300, and I need to have 2 of these done. So it's a bit pricey, keeping in mind I have to also buy the jerseys.
    3. Any thoughts on authentic versus replica? For these players, I would probably lean toward replicas, and I don't have any intention of ever selling them. But I would appreciate any thoughts.

    To give you an idea, the autographs themselves were less than $50 each, so I don't need top end frames, but I want good museum quality glass and nice frames. I suspect I'll be at around $300 each at one of the commercial stores too, but many times those stores run 50% off sales.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've thought about getting some jersey numbers themselves and then putting them on the jersey afterwards as well. Seems to be a lot of extra cost though as I'm sure you're finding. If I wind up doing it, I think I' may just get a jersey colored matte behind the numbers and mount them in an 11x14 or 16x20 frame without the jersey.

    By the way, where do you get your jersey numbers?

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    I've gotten both of them from the promoter of the signings. I'm not as concerned about the cost (although it is a factor and is pretty crazy for 2 jerseys). I would just like to make them look good and professional without totally breaking the bank. I could do it myself, but everyone I've seen done that way is a wrinkled jersey on a hanger in a frame, and that looks kind of stupid.

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    One of my local sports shop charges $135 ea, and I have 2 jerseys framed by them. I also have another 2 jerseys that I got framed by Michaels, but they charged about $225 ea. What I noticed between the 2 stores is that the sports shop knows how to frame sports memorabilia, while Michaels just tries to make it look nice, which may not always be best. For example, I have a Derrick Rose jersey that Michaels framed, but they folded the jersey around the edges to make it fit into the frame. I'm not too sure how much knowledge the people at Michaels have on framing sports jerseys. Another jersey, Patrick Kane, I got done by the sports shop and they put it in a huge frame with no folding and it looks absolutely amazing. So it is really on preference, both jerseys look good, but I prefer the Kane since you can see the whole jersey and not just focus on the autograph, like on the Rose frame.
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    Thanks for the thoughts. I guess I'll price it a few different ways and see what makes sense, keeping quality in mind.

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