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Thread: Red Sox Winter Weekend

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    Red Sox Winter Weekend

    Hi everyone, I am attending the Red Sox Winter Weekend and was wondering if anyone had advice as to the best places at Foxwoods to obtain more autos besides the one that we get for purchasing tickets. I figured I will attend all the interviews and conferences as well. I know someone had mentioned waiting by elevators but the place is so big I assume there are multiple ones. Really looking forward to this as I was supposed to go last year but got stuck in the blizzard. Thanks for any advice!

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    I went two years ago and was disappointed how it was run for the autograph portion of the event. The stars typically are the "picture" portion of the event and the other/ young players are what you will get for the paid autos. As far as the elevators, I've heard that to be successful, but didn't try it myself. Most of the players are surrounded by security, but it's worth a try. I felt like the players came from the one end of Foxwoods near where the other Red Sox events were going on.

    I heard people had luck at night around the casino, but more of the older guys were more willing to sign. Remember there are going to be a ton of people, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out for you.
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    Thanks for the info! I figured I'd try to arrive early for some of the interviews scheduled and hope some of the players are willing to sign. It's too bad to hear that the stars do mostly photos. I'll show my results after the weekend.

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