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    Hello, I have been collecting for the past 3 years soccer autographs. They have all been in-person successes, and I want to expand my collection. I was wondering if anyone could help me and give me a list of soccer players and teams that have a good TTM success rate and really care about fan mail. Thank you so much in advance, as this will surely help my collection grow, as I do this for only personal reasons, not for profit. Thanks again!

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    My best advice is to look at recent successes in the TTM manager. I just sent to Clint Dempsey, he is a 100% returner according to the TTM Manager, Pele is also a very good returner, just need to remember to send cash for return postage and also that it will take a while to get back.

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    Ok thanks. Now for sending internationally, should I include an IRC?

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    I think people just send cash. I haven't sent to him yet.

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