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Thread: Average wait time for ttm

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    Average wait time for ttm

    I am new to this, I sent out close to 40 letters, and after 10 days, I haven't received anything back.

    Whats the average wait time for a ttm??


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    There is no reliable metric on this, as there are too many variables. Are you sending to a major league baseball player, who this week is on All-Star break? Are you sending to a home address of someone who is on vacation for the week? Are you sending to someone who gets one piece of fan mail a month, or 50 pieces a day? Did you send to someone in Canada, where there are currently postal issues? It is more accurate to assess the standard wait time for an individual player, and for that, I would look at the TTMM:
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    I've had them back as soon as 10 days and as long as 4 years.
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    My quickest was 7 days my longest so far was just shy of 2 years. Like arfmax said it all depends on the signer. Sometimes they wait until they get a set amount and then just pound through them or maybe a player signs them as soon as they get them and then ships them out, or maybe the player signs it and it gets lost in the mail for awhile before it finally makes it to your door. There are just too many variables to say what an average wait time is to receive successes

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    It really depends on the player for example it took 5-6 months for Lawrence Taylor but only 22 days for Paul Posluszny

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