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    JimCant's Success and Previous Success Page

    Hey All,

    I have just started getting back into doing TTMing. I did it in the early 2000s with basketball cards and probably got close to 30+ signed through the years. Now I have started to send out 8x10's and enjoy doing so!

    I am a big FSU fan so you will see a lot of FSU football signatures.

    I like NBA, NFL, NCAAF, PGA, and NASCAR --- no baseball. I use adoramapix online to order my photos. They have never given me a problem and the photos turn out just fantastic. Cheap and easy and you get to have the exact photo you want!

    Recent Success past 6 months:

    Bjoern Werner (NFL, FSU) 12/31/2014
    E.J. Manuel (NFL, FSU) 12/20/2014
    Xavier Rhodes (NFL, FSU) 5/22/2014
    Jack Nicklaus (PGA) 6/18/2015
    Tom Watson (PGA) 6/22/2015
    Richard Petty (NASCAR) 6/23/2015
    Kevin Harvick (NASCAR) -- email success 5/8/2015
    Shaquille O'Neal (NBA) -- 7/6/2015
    Mel Brooks (Director) -- 7/10/2015
    Arnold Palmer (PGA) -- 8/14/2015
    Gary Player (PGA) -- Requested via email, 8/15/2015
    Jim Furyk (PGA) -- 9/11/2015
    John Stockton (NBA) -- 9/18/2015
    Bubba Watson (PGA) --1/25/2016
    Dabo Swinney (Clemson) --Requested via email, 1/28/2016
    Chris Thompson (NFL, FSU) -- 2/5/2016
    Zach Johnson (PGA) -- 2/18/2016
    Padraig Harrington (PGA) - Requested via email, 3/1/2016
    Bobby Bowden (FSU) - 3/7/2016
    Vince Young (Texas) - 3/7/2016
    Charlie Strong (Texas) - 3/14/2016
    Clive Cussler (Author) -Signed book, 3/18/2016
    Sebastian Janikowski (NFL, FSU) - 3/29/2016
    Miguel Angel Jimenez (PGA) -- SI Golf magazine - 4/18/2016
    Bernhard Langer (PGA) -- Email request and sent SASE -- 5/6/16
    Roger Federer (Tennis) -- 5/21/2016
    Drew Brees (NFL) -- 6/16/2016
    Andre Agassi (Tennis) -- 7/16/2016
    Tony Carter (NFL, FSU) -- 7/29/2016
    Graham Gano (NFL, FSU) -- 8/26/2016
    Dustin Hopkins (NFL, FSU) -- 8/29/2016
    Lee Trevino (PGA) -- 10/11/2016

    Previous Success:

    Bobby Bowden (FSU)
    Dirk Nowitszki (NBA)
    Mack Brown (Texas)
    Vince Carter (NBA)
    Priest Holmes (NFL, Texas)
    Shaquille O'Neal (NBA)

    Success in Person:

    Devonta Freeman (FSU)
    Nick O'Leary (FSU)
    Jimbo Fisher (FSU) --2013 BCS Championship football


    Jimmie Johnsons (NASCAR) - Returned to Sender-- Not signing at this time 6/4/2015
    Jim Furyk (PGA) - Returned to Sender -- Forwarding Address Expired 6/22/2015
    Clive Cussler (Book Author) -- Hardback book -- Return to Sender -- Vacant
    Nick Saban (Alabama) -- Too busy to sign 2/18/2016
    Andre Agassi (Tennis) -- Returned to Sender-- Addressee Unknown
    Brett Favre (NFL) -- SI Magazine 3/10/16---Returned unsigned with letter from Favre foundation asking for $100 donation
    Kyle Busch (NASCAR) -- Sent back in my SASE unsigned with sticker saying does not sign photos or paper products

    Still waiting on:

    Lamarcus Joyner (NFL, FSU)
    Kelvin Benjamin (NFL, FSU)
    Timmy Jernigan (NFL, FSU)
    Christian Ponder (NFL, FSU)
    Colt McCoy (NFL, Texas) -- SI Magazine
    Telvin Smith (NFL, FSU)
    Ronald Darby (NFL, FSU)
    Jameis Winston (NFL, FSU)
    Rashad Greene (NFL, FSU)
    Bryan Stork (NFL, FSU)
    Nigel Bradham (NFL, FSU)
    Jordan Spieth (PGA) -- SI Magazine, 8x10
    JJ Watt (NFL) --SI Magazine sent for a friend
    Larry Bird (NBA)
    Oscar Robertson (NBA)
    Jason Day (PGA)
    Peyton Manning (NFL) -- SI Magazine and 8x10
    Eddie Goldman (NFL, FSU)
    Jeff Gordon (NASCAR) -- SI Magazine
    Stephen Curry (NBA) -- SI magazine
    Vince Williams (NFL, FSU)
    Karlos Williams (NFL, FSU)
    Cameron Erving (NFL, FSU)
    James Wilder Jr. (NFL, FSU)
    Antonio Brown (NFL)
    Rickie Fowler (PGA)
    Christian Jones (NFL, FSU)
    P.J. Williams (NFL, FSU)
    Mario Edwards Jr. (NFL, FSU)
    Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway (NBA)
    Jalen Ramsey (NFL, FSU)
    Roberto Aguayo (NFL, FSU)
    Tracy McGrady (NBA)
    Charlie Ward (FSU)
    Vijay Singh (PGA)
    Kenny Shaw (FSU)
    Greg Norman (PGA)

    Thanks and enjoy!
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    Dirk Nowitszki & Vince Carter


    Vince is my favorite player so I may send to him again to get something else signed
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    Mack Brown & Shaq

    The Shaq one is pretty cool. I sent him a congrats on retirement a few years ago and he sent back a sweet 8x10 that has a preprint signature at the bottom, but he did personalize and write a nice note at the top. It is his handwriting so it appears to be legit, just wished he signed that part too! It says, To Jimmy, Thanks for being a fan! "Peace"
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    Bobby Bowden with championship years inscribed photo at the top. Jimbo Fisher signed 2013 BCS football at the bottom.
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    Priest Holmes was my favorite football player about a decade ago so i was pretty happy to get this one back a few years ago

    This is what I got back for Kevin Harvick via email

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    These both were in person

    Nick O'Leary and Devonta Freeman. Freeman's was signed really nice in gold.

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    EJ Manuel and Bjoern Werner

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    Recent TTMs

    These now are all the ones I have gotten back within the past month!

    Xavier Rhodes (Minnesota Vikings) This one was signed in nice silver and personalized to me! Awesome turn out!

    Got this one yesterday from Richard Petty! Nice silver signature--wish it was a little cleaner but still an awesome sig. Did not personalize but still a nice success!
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    Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson

    These are both awesome successes! Jack's signature is beautiful as expected. Tom's was a little unclean but still awesome!

    I'm really happy with the photo I chose for Watson

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    Clive Cussler failure

    Got a failure today. Got my Clive Cussler book returned to sender. I guess that address is no longer good so I am trying to look for another one. Would love to get a book signed by one of my favorite authors

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