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Thread: Japanese cards being listed

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    Japanese cards being listed

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, we're in the process of adding Japanese sets to the Inventory Manager. Currently the following sets have been imported:

    Takara team sets 1978-1998
    Calbee 1973-74, 1977, 1979-2012 (all sets)
    BBM 1991-2007 (all sets), 2008-2012 (base sets)
    1989-90 Lotte Gum
    Tomy I.D. 1993-1994
    Konami Field of Nine 2000-2001, Prime Nine 2002-2005 (all sets), Baseball Heroes 2005-2010 (all sets), BBH 2011 (Opening Version)
    Konami Baseball Allstar's Vol 1 & 2 (base sets)
    Future Bee 1998-2001 (all sets)
    Broccoli Seibu Lions 1999-2001
    Epoch Pro-Baseballl Stickers 2000
    Bandai Owners League 2010 Draft 01-04, 2011 01-04, 2012 01

    If anyone has any requests for Japanese sets to be added, please post them here and they will be made a priority.
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    Around the World

    This weekend, I uncovered the checklists for the 2009 & 2010 Chinese Professional Baseball League sets (CPBL). This is the pro league in Taiwan. Both 2009 & 2010 have been added to the system. Incidentally, Tim Raines Jr. has a card in the 2010 set.

    Keeping with the Asian theme, checklists are in for the 1999 & 2000 Teleca sets for the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), Korea's pro league. I'm pretty sure there are more recent KBO sets, but thus far have not been able to find any checklists or manufacturer details.

    Back to the other side of the Pacific, I know of at least two uncatalogued sets for the Mexican League (one from 1992 and another from around 2005), but haven't been able to locate checklists.

    A few new Venezuelan sticker sets have also been added to the system, for the 1981-82-83 (one set with the same design spans both the 81-82 & 82-83 season), 1987-88 (includes cards of Greg Maddux, Cecil Fielder and Omar Vizquel), 1988-89 and 1991-92 seasons.
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    All BBM sets from 1991-2007, and all base sets through 2011 (series 1), are now available in the database.

    I also managed to recently find several Mexican League checklists (mostly just team-issue sets, still can't find a checklist for the 2005 set, and since that set is unnumbered, I'm hesitant to add a partial checklist and have to re-arrange later).

    Also finished are the 2009 CPBL sets.
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    2011 Calbee Series 1 & 2 have been translated and added to the system. Series 3 has yet to be released. The 1986 Calbee set was also completed yesterday, and work begun on filling out the 1985 set. I still don't understand why Beckett includes so few cards from those sets, and almost none of the gaijin players.

    Also in is the 2009 BBM base set. And, good news, I found a source for the 2011 BBM set and series 1 has been added. I'm starting to add some of the 2011 team sets and inserts.
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    All of the Future Bee sets are now in, both the team sets and the Power League sets, as well as the Broccoli Seibu Lions sets from 1999-2001. I'm working on the Konami Baseball Heroes sets and continuing with all the missing BBM sets from 2008-2011 (which is a LOT of sets).
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    cool i have a dice-k collection starts from 99, foil mini's sp's cool
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    I found a resource that will let me build at least partial checklists for the Konami Baseball Heroes sets up to 2010, so those will be available a bit a a time in the coming weeks.

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    I just finished adding all of the Konami Baseball Heroes sets through 2010. As far as I can tell, no 2011 cards have been issued. Anyone wanting a very strong checklist for any one to play in Japan over the last 20 years should be fairly well served by the Inventory Manager now. Prospective Yu Darvish collectors have a list of some 283 cards to track down.

    If there any glaring omissions, please point them out and I'll see what I can do to dig up the checklists.

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    Calbee Series 3 has been released in Japan. The Checklists here have been updated to extend the base set, Star Cards, Checklists and add the All-Star set.

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    Coming soon:

    2011 Owners League Draft 06 Legends
    2011 All Japan Baseball Foundation Managers
    2011 Epoch All Japan Baseball Foundation 1987
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